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PH Housing Problems? Filipina Startup to the Rescue!

GAD Container Modular House

The Philippines ranks 12th in world population, according to the UN, the country’s population is now at about 106 million. This is with its population growth rate of 1.72 between 2010 to 2015.

This population growth rate exerts pressure on the need for shelter or housing. By 2022, the need for housing is estimated at 6,571,387. Shelter is one of the three basic needs that include food and clothing.

The demand for housing has been outstripping the construction of houses for decades now. The government can barely cope with the demand and most houses are being constructed by the private sector.

Filipinas and the Philippine Startup sector are rising to the challenge. In the recently concluded SheLovesTech  startup competition organized by QBO, a Filipina founded startup took up the cudgels for the increasing demand for housing.

Greencorten Architectural Design (GAD) developed houses that are 30% cheaper than traditional housing costs, combined it with modular homes that use shipping containers, artisan furniture and green lifestyle services that will revolutionize the house construction in the country.

Using shipping containers for housing and other commercial uses has been existing for more than 2 decades. The innovation comes with having these scalable, disaster resilient and incorporates green technology with its design.

Another advantage is that these modular houses are 5 times faster to build than conventional houses.  They are also 3 times stronger structurally and even have a module for a swimming pool.

Founded by Filipinas last 2014, the main idea is to upcycle shipping containers that include products and green lifestyle services. The idea is to meet market expectations rather than just responding to housing development needs. This is coupled with sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.

By upcycling which is the process of discarded materials and re-utilizing them into higher-end materials in the houses, the need for consuming new materials is decreased will the upcycled materials can be used as higher-end parts for the houses.

These also include furniture and even fixtures as well as gardens and even swimming pools.

The advantages are:

1. Modular Design and construction’
2. Cost-efficient
3. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

GAD’s products and services are:

1. Container Homes
2. Artisanal Furniture
3. Container Pools
4. Green Services

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