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New PH Human Resources Tools

Human Resources Management is not always an exact science. There are more intangibles with regards to such. But although there are quantifiable metrics, these are still not as exact. From hiring to retiring or personnel, there is more to just keeping records.

A Filipina startup technopreneur came up with a tool for Human Resources Management (HRM) that would enable a more scientific and efficient approach.

Rumarocket uses and builds Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can help Human Resources managers in the process of managing their departments. This tool assists in HR management from recruitment, retention, promotion and crafting incentives programs for employees.

Kathleen Paige Yu, CEO of Rumarocket, believes that the collaboration of data-driven tools can be used in managing human resources challenges that will result in better business outcomes.  By customizing job experience to the individual needs of the workers and through the use of AI in predicting behaviors the tool creates a customized action plan for each employee.

This can predict behavioral factors that can be used in addressing concerns such as retention, employee stress, and work effectiveness.

Rumarockets features and advantages are:

1. Get all your data in one place
2. Make actionable conclusions from your data
3. Gets more efficient when with more data input
4. The system draws fluent conclusions as talent needs change
5. Improve employee retention rates
6. Reduction of turnover for certain positions.

Rumarocket works by the following:

1. Open System – can be integrated with existing HR tools and software
2. Data Mining – It organizes and synthesizes data.
3. Utilizes Machine Learning

Rumarocket was a finalist in the SheLovesTech competition recently held by startup incubator/accelerator QBO.

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