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Antipara: Filipina-made tool for Marine Management

Apo Reef images generated by Antipara's Underwater 3D image generator.

It was a portent of things to come. In last July’s Techtonic Summit 2018 Summit, one of the Top 3 startup winners was Antipara Explorations.  It is a startup that is used for marine explorations, monitoring, and surveys.

The Techtonic Summit 2018 was the 2nd edition of the summit started last 2017. It showcases disruptive technologies developed by startups in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s edition built upon the success of the previous year’s summit.

 The heart of Antipara is its algorithm.

Antipara enables the generation of underwater 3D mapping and includes an analytics service that provides information that is used in marine management and underwater visual environment.

The Philippine aquaculture industry will benefit from Antipara Exploration since it goes into a more scientific approach in fisheries management. This is done by having real-time access to information regarding information management, environmental monitoring, and protection as enhancing food security since aquaculture is a source of protein for a significant number of Filipinos.

Antipara can do the work that used to be done in 2 – 3 months in 1 day. The tool can cover 25 kilometers of coastline in 1 day in gathering data and generating much-needed research data. It also GIS information on reefs. Coral cover assessment and 3D models for dive maps.

Antipara’s 3D algorithm was created by Laurice Dagum. The startup was among the finalists in the recently concluded SheLovesTech completion organized by QBO and held at their Buendia, Makati startup incubator and accelerator facility.

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