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Saturday, October 21, 2017

CREATE Philippines October 2017: a complete guide to the country’s presentation of creative industries

Posted By: The Mail Man - Saturday, October 21, 2017

It’s inherent for artists to create a craft or showcase their talents to express themselves. Inspiration is the fuel that makes a creative’s mind turn, but the bigger picture sits on what follows the creation process – the recognition and nurturing of artists’ gifts.

Budding artists, most of them young, are testing their capabilities and are looking to professionals for advice on how to make it big in the creative scene. Creative gatherings, events, and workshops are bridges that connect novices and experts. They also serve as platforms where inspiration and potential business partnerships bloom.

An important facet of the country’s identity, the Philippines’ creative industry has been elevating artists to local and international recognition for so many years now while also contributing to the nation’s economic growth. Aiming to harness this pool of creative geniuses, the government through the Department of Trade of Industry is building a stronger and more competent Philippine creative industry.

Born out of this endeavor is CREATE Philippines, a trade event on Oct. 20 to 22 organized by the DTI through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) that will promote the lucrative economic potential of the country’s creative industries to an international market. It will encourage sharing of innovative business ideas and collaborative opportunities.

CREATE Philippines coincides with the 66th edition of Manila FAME, the country’s premier and lifestyle platform also organized by CITEM. The event has three major components: forum, exhibit, and music fest. 

With the theme “Developing an International Market for Filipino Creative Content and Creative Services,” CREATE Philippines’ series of forums feature some of the biggest personalities and industry leaders from the country’s fast-growing creative sectors: Visual Arts & Graphic Design, Music & Performing Arts, Film & Animation, Digital Games & Apps, Advertising Content & Production, and Communication Design.

Representatives from popular brands and companies such as Google, Billboard, Walt Disney, ABS-CBN, and Team Manila, among others, are sharing their success stories and vision on how to develop the country’s creative industry.

Creative councils are also participating, namely: Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI), Communication Design Association of the Philippines, Soundsright, the British Council, Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies Philippines, CPHG, and the Philippine Association of Independent Music (PHAIM) established by Homonym.

The Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Board of Investments (BOI), National Commission for Culture and the Arts or NCCA) are the government agencies supporting CREATE Philippines. 

CREATE Philippines serves as the launchpad for the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines (CECP) as the new generation of industry champions. CECP aims to elevate the country as one of the top five creative economies in Asia Pacific by 2030 alongside South Korea, China, Japan, and India.

The exhibit dubbed as ArtAlive is a showcase of the Filipino creative heritage: the pre-conquest artistic expressions and crafting traditions, contemporary products, and the modern global influences in design, music, animation, film, and visual communication. ArtAlive has two touchpoints: Creation Station and Uni-Installations by design schools and universities.

Featuring pocket performances of independent bands, the music fest shines a spotlight on Ben & Ben, Conscious & the Goodness, and Ang Bandang Shirley, among others.

The National Digital Arts Award (NDAA) Night will be held on the last day of CREATE Philippines on Sunday, Oct. 22. Launched by Globaltronics alongside Brand Guerrilla PH and Synergy88, NDAA is a competition for young Filipino digital artists that aims to recognize and encourage the youth’s creative skills and talents in digital games, animation and motion graphics, and print.

Sponsored by PLDT Enterprise and Team Manila, CREATE Philippines an official trade activity of the ASEAN Summit 2017 under the ASEAN 2017 Committee on Business and Investment Promotions (CBIP) led by Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado. Ex-Link serves as the event management and marketing partner, with Brand Guerrilla, Globaltronics, Synergy88, and 1-Digi Relate as event partners.

For more information, visit

Friday, October 20, 2017

CREATE Philippines to gather Filipino animators, boost PHL’s contribution to global animation industry

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, October 20, 2017
Synergy88, a member of the Animation Council of the Philippines, helped craft some of the essential aspects of The Coalition and Microsoft Studios’ “Gears of War 4.” (Photo: Gears of War – Official Site,

Talented Filipinos have been making their mark in the international animation scene for many years now. Hollywood has been introduced to the artistic minds of Ronnie del Carmen, co-director of Pixar and Disney’s hit 2015 flick, “Inside Out;” Josie Trinidad, co-head of story of Disney’s “Zootopia; Armand Serrano, visual development artist for “Tarzan,” “Lilo and Stitch,” “Hotel Transylvania,” and Maricel Pagulayan, visual effects producer of “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” “The Smurfs,” and “Avatar,” among others.

These individuals are proof that Filipinos are very competitive and can succeed in the global animation industry, which is worth US$244 billion in 2015 with the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Britain, and Germany as the leading animation markets.

North American and European film and television program producers outsource computer animation to Asian countries. Western studios first built and maintained production facilities in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, but have now also forged partnerships in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and China.

The Filipino animation industry’s expertise is full 2D and 3D animation. In the last 30 years, animators in the Philippines helped the creation of “Dragon Ball Z,” “Tom & Jerry,” “Scooby Doo,” and many other popular cartoon shows.

Now, the government is shining a spotlight on the country’s animation sector come Oct. 20-22 through CREATE Philippines, the first international creative industry trade event in the country organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

CREATE Philippines is where creative professionals gather, connect, and catalyze new business ideas and opportunities. It will highlight fast-growing creative sectors such as Visual Arts & Graphic Design, Communication Design, Advertising Content & Production, Film & Animation, Digital Games & Apps, and Music & Performing Arts.

Among CREATE Philippines’ guests of honor is the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI), which will share its strategies and plans to drive the Filipino animation industry into becoming a strong export player. Marlyn Montano, founder of TeamApp and Holy Cow Animation, is representing ACPI as one of the forum speakers in the three-day event happening at CITEM-HallONE and the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) in Pasay City, Metro Manila.

ACPI President Juan Miguel del Rosario thanked CITEM and DTI for initiating CREATE Philippines and recognizing the animation industry as a part of the country’s creative sector. He also expressed his gratitude to BOI for including animation in its investment priority programs for 2017. 

“Finally, animation is getting recognized… Since last year, there has been solid backing from the government,” Mr. del Rosario said. “It is a dream come true… it’s been very heartwarming and I’m going to say thank you for the government support.”

Other government institutions that ACPI is in partnership with are the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), DepEd, CHED, and TESDA, among others. According to ACPI Secretary Ricky Orellana, financing is a huge factor in animation projects. One needs a budget that befits a high-quality animation.

ACPI has a booth at the Marché International des Programmes de Communication (MIPCOM), the world’s entertainment content market attended by industry bigwigs, to be held from October 16 to 19 at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. ACPI’s members (Synergy88, Team Apps, TOEI Animation, Neun Farben, Top Peg Animation & Creative Studio, Morph Animation, etc.) are coming to MIPCOM 2017 with support from DTI, and is also open to taking non-members if slots for members aren’t filled.

Orellana said that the country’s Emmy Award-winning studio, Toon City Animation, is participating at MIPCOM, with newcomer Toast & Brew also in the lineup of attendees. These Filipino animators at MIPCOM 2017 will showcase original content and possibly sell them or secure partnerships with international animation and production studios. The event, which has Disney, HBO, and Warner Bros. as some of its major participants, is attended by more than 100 countries, nearly 14,000 participants, over 1,900 exhibiting companies, and almost 5,000 buyers.

Animahenasyon, ACPI’s annual Filipino animation festival to be held on Nov. 9-12, will have five of its titles screened at the Fête du cinéma d'animation in France on Oct. 31. Orellana, who also serves as Animahenasyon’s festival director, said that this is a big honor because this is the first time that a Filipino animation will be shown at the European festival. 

CREATE Philippines is an official trade activity of the ASEAN Summit 2017 under the ASEAN 2017 Committee on Business and Investment Promotions (CBIP) led by DTI Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado. 

For more information about CREATE Philippines, email or visit

DTI Pushes for Growth of PH Creative Industry

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, October 20, 2017

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is all set to unify the different sectors of the Philippine creative industry to nurture the industry to become a key driver for economic growth.

Through its programs, DTI will promote the lucrative economic potential of the Philippines’ creative industries, creative clusters, and creative cities as a viable strategy for sustainable and inclusive development in the region.

In 2014, the creative industry employed 14.4 percent of the country’s total labor force and contributed to P661 billion pesos, 7.34 percent of the country’s total GDP. Worldwide, the creative industry is valued at $2,250 billion. 

“As host of the 30th ASEAN Summit, we are in a prime position to push for the ASEAN initiative to foster creative economies and develop at least one creative city in the country,” said Trade and Investments Promotion Group (TIPG) Undersecretary Nora K. Terrado.

DTI, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, is set to take advantage of the multi-billion industry through CREATE Philippines, the Philippines’ first international creative industry trade show.

Featuring the best and the brightest in the Philippine creative scene, CREATE Philippines will serve as a development platform where artists, professionals, content creators, and developers can showcase their work and vie for business opportunities.

The trade show will serve as an idea hub, pitching event, masterclass venue, and trade fair focusing on fast-growing creative sectors, namely: Visual Arts & Graphic Design, Communication Design, Advertising Content & Production, Film & Animation, Digital Games & Apps, and Music & Performing Arts.

CREATE Philippines will run concurrent to the 66th edition of Manila FAME, the country’s premier lifestyle, and design event, on October 20-22 at the Philippine Trade and Training Center and HallONE, Pasay City.

“[CREATE Philippines] will streamline the nation’s long-term goal of developing creative cities in the Philippines under the UNESCO creative cities network. It will accelerate the roadmap for the development of the country’s creative industry as we introduce the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines (CECP) as the new generation of industry champions,” Terrado said.

“The event will give a more unified voice to the industry through the collective participation of various agencies, members of public and private sectors, and other key stakeholders,” she added.

CECP and the Board of Investments (BOI) are working together to put the Philippines in the top five creative economies in Asia Pacific alongside South Korea, Japan, China, and India by 2030.

Creative industries, such as animation and game development, fall under the fast-growing information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry, which the government pins its high hopes to due to its huge financial contribution to the Philippines’ economy. The IT-BPM industry generated more than $25 billion in revenue in 2016, and is expecting to double that with $40 billion and provide 1.8 million additional jobs by 2022.

BOI has included creative industries in its 2017 Investment Priorities Plan, particularly in services that involve original content production such as animation, game and software development, and engineering design, among others. CECP, a think tank strategy group comprised of members from several creative industries, is serving as the government’s “single point of communication” with private creative sectors.

Cityserv: Making LGUs Smarter

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, October 20, 2017
Use of Moblie Applications for More Efficient and Transparent Local Service Delivery session Panel Discussion. From Left Crystal Eunice Dela Cruz, Dep. Director of the Union of Local Authorities of the Phils. (ULAP), Joemari Mercado of Microsoft Phils., Chie Malaki of Highly Succeed, Lucette Dela Rosa, Dept. Head MIS Section, Taytay, Rizal

The solution to the governance challenges of Local Government Units (LGUs) has arrived with Cityserv.

LGUs have to be more responsive and interactive with its citizens in these times. The era of having the traditional method of using manpower to address the needs of its citizens have long passed. It is acknowledged that LGUs cannot simply cope with the demands of an ever-increasing population, urbanization, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM), health services and education all at the same time. 

The services of LGUs is a cradle to grave endeavor and Cityserv has risen to the challenge.

Cityserv is a fully integrated system wherein LGUs can automate and create proactive solutions to the management challenges presented. 

Cityserv systems have Revenue generation systems that streamline and automate the real property taxes and business taxes of the city or municipality. This not only serves the employees of the LGU but importantly gives its citizens faster and easier processes so that revenue collection is more accurate and have shorter processing duration. 

In Iloilo City, Cityserv is currently being utilized for its Real Property Tax collections, monitoring and database management. It has a tracking system for transactions that it is also available as a mobile app that can be used by its citizens whenever they conduct transactions with the city.

The Office of the Mayor of Batangas City has employed the Cityserv system in its Mayor’s Action Center. This is not just a queuing system for those who need the assistance of the Office of the Mayor. The Cityserv system serves as a tracking system so that the Office of the Mayor can analyze the needs of its constituents that range from education, health, social-related concerns, complaints, peace and order, housing and even social calls.

The system will then point out what relevant city department will address the issues and concerns encountered by the Office of the Mayor. This results in faster response time and quick resolutions of the concerns. The database is also used for analysis of the concerns raised and planning and decisions can be made proactively based on the data collated by the Cityserv system.

The current most comprehensive Cityserv solution is being used in Taytay, Rizal. The Best Taytay mobile app is both for the LGU government and its citizens. 

It is utilized in disseminating information to the citizens of Taytay, Rizal. The Best Taytay app releases news and announcements by the LGU government that pertains not only to DRRM but also information about the policies of the LGU. It also provides a directory of all pertinent LGU offices and agencies ranging from the Office of the Mayor all the way to General Services and of course the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO), the PNP, BFP and Rural Health Units (RHUs) and Health Centers.

The unique feature of Cityserv’s Best Taytay app is its interactive component. This enables the citizens to report incidents, ask for the relevant assistance needed, and emergency reports. They can also send pictures of notable places in Taytay.

Lucette Dela Rosa, the department of Taytay's Management Information Section gave a run through of the capabilities of the system which gives the citizens the ability to view from their mobile devices city establishments and locations of places of interest on a map. 

The Best Taytay apps salient features in DRRM aside from reporting and response is the capacity of the LGU to know where their DRRM assets are in its Asset Map.  These assets can be emergency vehicles and emergency personnel availability and deployment. This real-time inventory of DRRM assets is critical in times of emergencies. But the app also has a feature on knowing the age of the emergency equipment and machinery so that planned asset acquisition and purchases can be implemented.

Cityserv’s Best Taytay app is not only restricted to the municipal government but also to 5 barangay governments of the municipality.

Lucette Dela Rosa stated that the Best Taytay project also has its database for analyzing and evaluating the performance of the system and continuous improvement of the system is part of its evolution so as to optimize the LGUs service.

Chie Malaki of Highly Succeed’s Business Development Management stated that LGUs are becoming more aggressive in digital applications as a crucial component of its governance system and there is a large potential yet to be harnessed.

Cityserv presented its systems and app during the National LGU ICT Forum 2017 held last October 19, 2017, at the Hotel H2O with the topic of Use of Moblie Applications for More Efficient and Transparent Local Service Delivery session. 

If you want your LGU to be Cityserve-enabled, a free evaluation, and consultation at

Cityserv website:

Friday, October 13, 2017

DICT, NICP To Launch Digital Cities PH in National ICT Summit

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, October 13, 2017
NICP ICT 2017 Summit Organizing Committee

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), the umbrella organization of information and communications technology (ICT) Councils across the country will jointly launch DigitalCitiesPH Launch during the 9th NICP ICT Summit on November 16 to 17, 2017 in Cagayan de Oro City.

Hosted by the Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council, this year’s summit proper is set on the first day with the theme, CDOx or Countryside Digital Opportunities Exchange.

The second day is the 6th eGov Awards, or Awards for Excellence in ICT for Good Governance for Local Government Units, an annual search for the best practices in local government units. Entries are evaluated according to its relevant utilization of information and communications technology (ICT) to effectively and efficiently deliver its public services directly to its constituents and other stakeholders.

The awards ceremony in partnership with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Office of Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, chair of the Senate Committee on Local Government and the DICT.

The two-day event is also supported by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OROCHAMBER), the Cagayan de Oro ICT Business Council and the City Government of Cagayan de Oro.

The Summit brings together about 700 stakeholders and experts from the public and private stakeholders to share industry trends, developments, best practices, and identify challenges and ways to generate new investments and create jobs, especially in the countryside.

This year’s goals are to keep up with the current trends in the global ICT industry, prepare for and embrace the countryside digital opportunities, enable a sustainable ecosystem for tech industry and innovation to flourish, and link people in the countryside to global ICT companies for career opportunities.

The key panel topics include enhancing country competitiveness, developing talent development programs, building innovation and startup ecosystem, stepping up to knowledge processes, promoting open governance, understanding disruptive technologies, identifying strategies to attract specific niches to the countryside, and harnessing role of ICT councils.

Stephanie Caragos
President, NICP
cp no. 0917 704 7595 

HealthTech Challenge PH commemorates 60 years of PH-Switzerland diplomatic relations

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, October 13, 2017
(Front row, from L-R): Founder Tina Amper, Asian Institute of Management President and Dean Jikyeong Kang, PhD, VP Leni Robredo, Swiss Ambassador Andrea Reichlin, AIM Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management School Head Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, joined by some of the mentors and judges of the HealthTech Challenge during the demo day last October 4 held at the Asian Institute of Management. 

HealthTech Challenge PH commemorates 60 years of PH-Switzerland diplomatic relations

VP Leni Robredo praises Switzerland as example for PH health-focused tech solutions

The health technology competition seeking homegrown solutions to expand Filipinos’ access to Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) was organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines in partnership with Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and to celebrate 60 years of PH-Switzerland diplomatic relations.

“Switzerland has long acknowledged the central importance of technology, research and development to keep its health care system one of the best among OECD countries. This morning’s competition is our own little way in contributing to the ongoing innovations in Philippine universal healthcare, as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Switzerland and the Philippines. E-Health solutions are very important if we are to improve efficiencies and keep up with the times,” said Swiss Ambassador in the Philippines Andrea Reichlin.

Held last October 4 at the AIM in Makati City, HealthTech Challenge PH was graced by Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo who praised the one-day event for following Switzerland's example in giving the opportunity to tech startups and solutions to address the country's silent crisis of public health.

“Without exception, companies, individuals, and governments have scrambled to adapt to these ever-changing times. And with the power of technology, health-focused tech startups and solutions represent an important opportunity to widen access to basic services in ways that have never been done before,” said VP Robredo.

“From the farthest areas, [the Swiss] can request for emergency services even when cellular, internet or GPS connectivity is not available. No wonder Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world,” she said.

According to the World Health Organization, Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) means all people and communities can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship.

HealthTech Challenge Winners

Photo 2 Caption: The Decision Labs wins the HealthTech Challenge. 
(From L-R): Founder Tina Amper, Founder and CEO Dave Overton, The Decision Labs Founder and CEO Anupam Chatterjee, and CEO and Founder Christian Blanquera. 
The Decision Labs, which uses embedded analytics to enhance patient experience in hospitals through its flagship product CEMPIA, clinched the HealthTech Challenge top prize.

Winning second prize and third prize are BloodHero, an online community platform for blood donors committed to life, and Wireless Access for Health, which helps over 100 local government partners manage and improve local healthcare through its digital health platform.

Tech-based products like websites, mobile apps, hardware and software solutions covered by the HealthTech Challenge competition includes any stage of the healthcare process from awareness, diagnosis, treatment, tracking, and monitoring.

Other finalists that made it to the final run include Open CPD Network, JazzyPay, Novostorm, Medix.PH, and Getz Clinical.

The Open CPD Network aims to create a new partnership arrangement offering accredited CPD Courses through online portals at #ZeroCost to the participants. JazzyPay is a web and mobile secured-payment platform designed for customers to pay educational and medical institutions directly using multi-currency consolidated payment solutions.

Novostorm provides patient flow management solutions to hospitals. Medix.PH is an electronic medical record (EMR) platform for hospitals and clinics. Getz Clinical offers clinical software that improves accuracy, security, and accessibility of patient data.

HealthTech Challenge judges include Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, School Head of the AIM Zuellig Graduate School of Development Management; Dr. John Q. Wong, EpiMetrics, Inc. President; Christine Fajardo, Novartis Director; Dave Overton, founder and CEO; Dr. Tonyboy Faraon, Zuellig Foundation Vice President; Christian Blanquera, CEO & Founder; 

HealthTech Challenge mentors include Mark John Buenconsejo, Next Level Founder; Prof. Rene T. Domingo, AIM Management Consultant and Professor; Prof. Gaston D. Ortigas Jr. AIM Associate Professor; Jason Torres, Mashup Garage Co-Founder and CTO; Dr. Marian F. Concepcion, Program Manager of the LEARNS Evaluation Team; and Prof. Matthew George O. Escobido, AIM Assistant Professor and head of the new program Masters in Innovation and Business.    

Event background can be found at or contact

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CEMPIA's HealthTech: Answer of Analytics

Posted By: The Mail Man - Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Anupam Chaterjee: Founder and CEO of The Decision Labs

It has been the bane of healthcare operations that patient information and feedback be given the importance that it deserves. 

The last HealthTech challenge results point into that direction. The Decision Labs won the recently held HealthTech Pitching competition at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) organized by the Embassy of Switzerland and the AIM.

Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions (CEMPIA) led the field in Health Technology innovations in the recently concluded activity.

CEMPIA presented a solution wherein patients’ feedback can be a critical part in the healthcare operations of hospitals and and health institutions. Operational analysis, Staff appreciation and providing insights for patient/customer intelligence were incorporated in the solution.

The benefits for patient/customer care by CEMPIA are as follows:

1. Real Time Personalized Customer Care
2. Strategic Insights for Decision Making
3. Operations and Quality Management
4. Enhanced Revenue for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
5. Inter Hospital Comparison
6. Quality Control

CEMPIA enables the patients to provide timely information about their healthcare needs and hospital and healthcare institutions, via the availability of information provided by CEMPIA will be able to address the needs and future needs of patients via the platform.

This will result in greater patient/customer satisfaction and more efficient and streamlined operations of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

This is accomplished by the Analytics in CEMPIA that will provide the needed data and information to managers in these institutions in performing and planning for what is needed in order to provide timely, and accurate management decisions that will redound to the benefit of the patients and healthcare institution management.

CEMPIA won first place in the HealthTech Challenege organized by the AIM and the Emabassy of Switzerland in commemoration of its 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines.



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