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Make Travelling Easier and Fun with TripZeeker

The recently held SheLovesTech startup competition organized by QBO, a startup accelerator/incubator disclosed various tech startups founded or co-founded by Filipinas.

It intends to create more participation from the country’s women in the tech startup sector. According to statistics, only 18% of Philippine startup founders are women. In the competition, the range of disruptive tech services, processes, and tools was wide.

One tech startup aims to make it easier for those who plan to travel. TripZeeker which was co-founded by its CEO Kim Lim presents an online bazaar of travel experiences by connecting travelers with multiple tour operators and travel agencies across the globe.

The current way to travel is by just booking a flight and hotel accommodations. The travel is not optimized in terms of actual time spent in enjoying the travel destination though. More time is spent in finding what kind of tours to join, comparing prices, finding activities and other “things-to-do” when arriving at the travel destination.

TripZeeker takes away all that and gives the traveler more time in actually enjoying the trip. TripZeeeker gives travelers the convenience of having the freedom of choice in deciding what their travel experiences would be like by having a platform that will compare prices, availability of user reviews and they can also reference crowd-sourced information per destination.

This results in significant savings for the traveler and the travel SMEs participating in the platform also benefits by having exposure to global clients.

TripZeeker allows the traveler to explore 53,000 tours and activities around the world by having a platform that is easy to navigate with pictures of destinations around the world. The traveler can also book with TripZeeker that offers maximum value for their travel experiences by having insights on the best current deals from transport, hotel bookings, and tour packages.

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