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Shop with Style and Confidence with StyleGenie

With today’s hectic schedule and the demands of having to invest on appearance being a must in whatever endeavor, having a personal stylist can be of considerable advantage.

It is acknowledged that a significant portion of end-users and consumers are female, StyleGenie is a tech startup that can provide a stylist specifically for you.

By combining expert personal styling with data that is given by the user, a personal web-based styling app is available.

The fashion tech startup currently provides styling services to over 2,500 customers and connects with over 30 clothing brands that promote sustainable fashion. This is by providing each customer with their own personalized styling box together with their own expert stylists.

It is simply done by several steps.

1. Create a Style Profile
2. Order a Style Box
3. Then one receives expertly curated fashion pieces delivered to one’s doorstep.

These combined with more than 30 clothing labels that include Revival, Miz+Moxie, Lovely Bunny, Fashion Friday, MochaMondays, Skittles, Zalora,  Coco&Co and Chelsea.

The beauty of the app is that end-users can use it even when they are on the go and have it even has a 30-day replacement period.

This tech startup was among the finalists in the SheLovesTech tech startup competition for startups founded by women that were recently held by startup incubator and accelerator QBO.

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