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Filipino student wins 1st in NASA competition

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jose Mari Tuason, a Filipino studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, won First Place together with his team at the NASA BIG Idea Competition!

Jose Mari Tuason, a Filipino studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, won First Place together with his team at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) Idea challenge!

Tuason's team from UIUC, composed of Sam Wywrot, Steven Kosvick, Austin Scott, Sashank Gummella and himself, designed the Cable-Controlled Aeroshell Deceleration System in response to the need for an inflatable heat shield technology. The team had to present and defend their design and solution at the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia.
NASA's site states,

"NASA is investing in Hypersonic Aerodynamic Inflatable Decelerator (HIAD) technology because it is a leading candidate to enable large aeroshells."
Development of technologies around these will enable progress towards sending humans to Mars.

UIUC AE Assistant Prof. Zach Putnam, an expert in planetary entry, descent, and landing systems, served as the team’s faculty advisor.
More information about the competition may be found at:

•    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Wins NASA/NIA BIG Idea Challenge
•    NASA BIG Idea Challenge
•    Finalists Announced for NASA’s BIG Idea University Design Challenge
•    NASA Seeks Big Ideas from Students for Inflatable Heat Shield Technology
•    NASA picks AE team’s design for next step in BIG Idea Challenge

Tuason is the only Filipino in the team and belongs to the Xavier School Class of 2010.

Image credit: NASA


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Philippine Science High School Now Accepting Applicants for Grades 8 and 9

Posted By: The Mail Man - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The DOST-Philippine Science High School System (PSHS) is now accepting applicants for lateral admissions for prospective available slots for incoming Grades 8 and 9 in the PSHS Campuses for SY 2016-2017. The deadline for filing of application is on April 30, 2016 and the date of examination will be on May 18, 2016. 

Likewise, they are now accepting applicants for National Competitive Examination for incoming Grade 7 for SY 2016-2017. The deadline for filing of application is on September 2, 2016 and the date of examination will be on October 22, 2016.

Application forms can be downloaded for free at Application forms are also available and may be filed in any PSHS campuses nationwide, DOST Regional offices, or Provincial Science and Technology Offices. 

For more information or inquiries, you may contact the PSHS System Office of the Executive Director – Admission Unit at tel. no. (02) 926-5701 or you may send an email to

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Teleperformance offers tips on how to be successful in your first job

Posted By: Admin - Thursday, April 21, 2016
Leaving the comforts of college campus life could be one of the unsettling experiences for new graduates. Couple that with the fact that there are over 650,000 college graduates who are expected to join the labor force this year, which means a fresh graduate looking for work will have to toughly compete for that “first job.”

Getting a call from an employer informing you of your successful application is one of the most memorable messages you will ever receive. But what does having a first job feel like? How does one cope with the new corporate environment? As an organization that cultivates a culture of excellence around its core values, Teleperformance, the world’s leading provider of outsourced customer experience management services, offers some tips on how to be successful in your first job:

1. Learn to respect others. Treat others with kindness and empathy. As a new employee, you will be exposed to an environment where every individual has a unique set of values, characteristics, beliefs and ideas. It is therefore important to consider this aspect when dealing with your peers to ensure that you have a healthy atmosphere within the organization. Learn to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Take time to cultivate what each employee has to offer because respect begets respect.

2. Maintain a high level of professionalism. Do things right the very first time. Make it a point to create an atmosphere that fosters better relationship within your workplace rather than ignite conflicts. Address work-related issues head on instead of ranting about it on social media or making gossips within the office. As always, the best way to move forward is to fix the problem rather than blame people. Take note that through our talents and skills, we transform interactions into golden experiences.

3. Show your commitment. Be passionate and engaged. Embrace and understand your contribution to an organization and learn to love what you are doing. Keep in mind that the lack of passion in what you do can cause you to be uninterested in your work, which can slowly lead you to abandoning your job. Remember, commitment ignites our actions and drives our performance. It fuels our passion to do our job well.

4. Demonstrate integrity every day. Say what you do and do what you say. One’s integrity plays a crucial role for a career to flourish and for a business to succeed. Hence, learn to build a persona of unquestionable integrity by displaying honesty and moral uprightness and by religiously upholding the mission and vision of your organization.

5. Continue to innovate. Create and improve. Continuously learn to think out of the box for the good of the organization instead of being tied up to your job description. Leave behind your “what ifs” as this can hamper your growth and the advancement of the business. It’s always best to go beyond the extra mile in performing your tasks.

“These characteristics are vital to one’s survival and growth in the corporate world,” says Rachel Cacabelos, Vice President for Human Resources of Teleperformance Philippines.  “These form part of the basic skills set that may be expected of new employees. At Teleperformance, we warmly welcome new employees and help them build a progressive career in an organization that values respect, professionalism, commitment, integrity and innovation. Our corporate values guide us in our daily tasks to transform our passion into excellence. We look forward to welcoming our new batch of graduates to the Teleperformance team!”

To know more about career opportunities in the BPO setting, visit Teleperformance Philippines’ Facebook page at

Travel Smarter this Summer, says Teleperformance

Posted By: Admin - Thursday, April 21, 2016
Gone are the days when the thrill of traveling is only for the few lucky Juans. With the advent of low-cost airfares and online-based accommodations, inauguration of new flight routes, advanced announcement of long holidays, and a gleaming Philippine economic outlook – traveling has become more accessible today, more than ever. 

Whether you are backpacking outside the country or just staycationing at a nearby province over the weekend, Teleperformance, the leading global provider of outsourced customer experience management services, shares tips that will bring out the smart traveler in you.

1. Safety first.
Make up a basic first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic wipes, travel thermometer, pain killers, antibiotic ointment and a small bottle of alcohol. Make sure that the liquids don’t exceed the allowable size for carry-on baggage. To top it all off, feel free to overdose with vitamin C to keep you in the pink during your adventures.

2. Wake up early.
When you start your day on the first hour of the morning, you somehow avoid the crowds in tourist attractions. If you’re heading to the outdoors, catch the sunrise and appreciate the tranquility of nature. If you partied all night, stay hydrated and don’t skip breakfast.

3. App-date your game.
Forget your actual maps, calculators and foreign dictionaries -- for the age of the mobile traveler has come. Prepare for takeoff with apps that search for the best flight, hotel and car rental options like SkyScanner. Be able to convert to every global currency with the popular XE Currency app. Google Translate rapidly translates whole paragraphs of text or even the spoken word from English to your foreign language of choice. Did you not enable your roaming services? In today’s smartphone-driven lifestyle, developers have come up with an endless variety of apps that ensures you of cheaper, more organized and more fun travels.

4. Dress practically. 
Pack comfortable rubber shoes if you’ll be out exploring the city. They might not look as pretty for some, but your feet will surely thank you for it. Always bring a light jacket that can protect you from the rain, sun and the cold wind. That’s hitting three birds in one outfit. Most of the time, you don’t need half of the things you brought with you.

5. Snap it.
Take home lots of photos from your trip. Who knows? You may only see these people and places once in your lifetime. Don’t forget to free up some space in your camera before flying out. Oh, a power bank should come in handy too for guaranteed picture-perfect moments all throughout the day.

6. Immerse yourself.
They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We say, the best way to know a new town is through its local cuisine. Eat street food. Find where people are queueing. Visit the less traveled areas – walk, use public transportation, and stumble into the real character of the city. Talk to strangers using your gut feel. Go out of your comfort zone!

Marilyn Ventenilla, Teleperformance Philippines Communications and Marketing Director, expressed that, “A bulk of the over one million Filipinos who are employed in the rewarding BPO sector are already plotting their vacations for the year. The large workforce, who has substantially contributed to the growth of our economy in the past years, deserves to take a break once in a while. These vacations lead to fresh perspective that is beneficial to everyone’s physical and mental health.”

She furthered, “At Teleperformance, we focus on giving our employees a great career experience by creating a conducive working environment for them to grow both as an individual and a professional. On our 20th year in the Philippines, we continue to train our more than 41,000 employees to be at their best in providing excellent customer experience at every touch point, while providing them avenues where they can play, interact and have fun.”

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tech Island 3.0: Biggest Tech Conference in PH this Year!

Posted By: The Mail Man - Monday, April 18, 2016

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises comprise 96% of the businesses in the Philippines, this means a significant chunk of employment in the country is generated by these businesses. This goes for manufacturing, services and the agricultural sector. This comes no surprise since Japan, South Korea and even Italy draws their economic strength from their own MSMEs.

It is only logical that MSMEs be nurtured and encouraged as a matter of national economic policy. The private sector also recognize this vital part of the economy. That is why PLDT Smart Nation is coming back with Tech Island 3.0.

The objective is to provide an environment wherein MSMEs can flourish and grow. The tech conference is expecting a larger participation this year since technology and its use by MSMEs will make them grow, be more efficient and increase their productivity.

Over a thousand participants are expected for TechIsland 3.0 that was first held in 2014. It gathered the cream of the industry that tackled new ICT technologies that can be utilized by MSMEs. This year’s conference will include leaders in the ICT industry, entrepreneurs and IT professionals.

Speakers from different sectors of the ICT industry and IT practitioners will discuss new products and processes that will beyond the conventional thought in business. This will provide new perspectives to entrepreneurs in relation to the fluid dynamics of the business and market environment.

Register for free at Limited slots available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Friday, April 15, 2016

39 UP Scientists Awarded for 13 Inventions

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, April 15, 2016

Thirty-nine scientists from UP Diliman (UPD) and UP Los Banos (UPLB) were recognized for 13 inventions in the awarding ceremony of the Invention Disclosure Incentive on April 8 at the UP Board of Regents Room.

Seven inventions were from UPD while six were from UPLB. Of the seven from UPD, three were from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) and one each, from the Institute of Biology (IB), Department of Chemical Engineering (DChE), Marine Science Institute (MSI), and National Institute of Physics (NIP). UPLB’s Institute of Chemistry (IC) and National Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), meanwhile, were awarded for three inventions each.

Dr. Edward Barlaan of IB created “DNA Probe Kits for Bacterial Pathogens,” which allows for “real-time detection of bacterial pathogens in fishes and water samples.” This ultimately leads to the improvement of fish farm management.

“Modified Bentonite as Reinforcing Filler for Natural Rubber” was the invention of Dr. Bryan Pajarito of DChE. This can be used to “enhance the hardness, tensile, and compressive properties of natural rubber.”

The “Portable Smart Surface System,” converts most flat surfaces such as table-tops or whiteboards into tap-sensitive interfaces connected to a computer. This was by Dr. Nestor Michael Tiglao of EEEI and Computer Engineering alumnus Charles Kevin Verdad.

Another project from the EEEI was the “Model-based Implicit Palm Rejection for Tablet Devices” by Dr. Rowel Atienza and Engr. Riyeth Tanyag. A software application that “makes use of implicit palm rejection method”, it allows users to write on the gadget comfortably for an “experience as close to natural handwriting as possible.”

The third EEEI winning invention was “Rapid E-Vehicle Charging in Minutes (CharM)” by Prof. Niño Christopher Ramos and Engrs. Emmanuel Brian Arceo, Raphael Victor Canseco, Rovinna Janel Cruzate, Billy Joel Esquivel, Karl Lyndon Pacolor, and Leo Allen Tayo. It provides for the charging of electric vehicles “in as fast as 30 minutes without compromising the user’s safety and the equipment’s integrity.”

National Scientist and Professor Emeritus Lourdes Cruz, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Rhodora Azanza, Nero Austero, Karen Grace Bondoc, Raphael Junnar Dumalan, and Peter Paolo Rivera of the MSI won for “Biotoxin Adsorption Toxin Tracking.” It is used to detect minute amounts of paralytic shellfish toxin and harmful algal bloom (HAB) which could “provide a clear picture of the bloom dynamics, environmental persistence and toxin variation of HABs in tropical marine waters.”

“A Semiconductor Element with a Constricting Buffer Layer” was the product of Dr. Elmer Estacio, Dr. Arnel Salvador, Dr. Armando Somintac, Joselito Muldera, and Cyril Sadia of NIP. According to the group, it is a method of “manufacturing Terahertz radiation emitter semiconductors by using Gallium antimonide (GaSb) as substrate and Indium arsenide (InAs) as epitaxial layer with a buffer layer of Gallium arsenide to improve adhesion between the lattices of GaSb and InAs.” The project was undertaken with the University of Fukui, Japan.

UPLB IC Prof. Annabelle Abrera and Hazzel Joy Adra’s “Larvicidal Compounds from Bayati against Mosquito Larvae” is a “simple and safe method” of using Bayati compounds to kill mosquito larvae by mixing it with the infested water.

IC Director Hidelisa Hernandez and Dr. Veronica Sabularse were recognized for two inventions. “Coating Formulation for Postharvest Application to Fruits,” which they did with Rhea Mallari, extends the shelf life of fruits. “Process for Hemicellulose Extraction from Pineapple Leaves,” which they undertook with Adonis Yanos, has streamlined the process of extracting hemicellulose from pineapple leaves. Hemicellulose is “a high-value polysaccharide, which has beneficial applications in the food and beverage, animal, chemical, and biomedical industries.”

“Recombinant Thermo-acid stable Endoglucanase” was by BIOTECH Professor Emeritus Asuncion Raymundo and Dr. Richard Tambalo, with Dr. Amy Grunden of North Carolina State University, USA. According to the team, the invention improves the hydrolitic process that, in turn, “improves the release of glucose sugars for use in bioethanol production.”

“Enzymatic Modification of Cacao Pod Husk as Dietary Fiber Source” is also from BIOTECH and is the work of Dr. Teresita Ramirez and Arsenia Sapin. It is a process that obtains “anti-oxidant rich modified fiber with potential applications as fiber supplement, and food and beverage ingredient.”

The third award of UPLB BIOTECH was for the invention of Dr. Reynaldo Dela Cruz and Dr. Joy Zarate called “Mykoplus.” It is a “biofertilizer or microbial inoculant that can be applied to seeds or planting materials to enhance seed germination, improve resistance to pathogens, and increase flowering and fruiting.”

In his speech, UP President Alfredo Pascual lauded the awardees for helping UP become a “research-intensive institution.” Later in the program, he announced a “significant change in procurement rules” which was met with much applause. The University “may now do negotiated procurement directly with foreign suppliers” for equipment and services not available in the country. This will eliminate going through agents and distributors that add cost to purchases.

Pascual was informed by the Government Procurement Policy Board of this development and he was hopeful that the implementing rules and regulations would come out in April.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pinoy inventor of fuel-saving gadget gets DOST aid

Posted By: The Mail Man - Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Filipino inventor of “Highmax” – a fuel-saving emission cleaning gadget for vehicles – was among the inventors and innovators provided with financial and technical assistance by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Junior de Jesus, 46, an electrical and electronics technician, invented the Highmax Turbo Power Simulator (HTPS), which allows vehicles to burn 100 percent of the fuel.

Normally, a vehicle burns only up to 70 percent of the injected fuel, leaving the 30 percent unused portion, often seen as smoke emission, to waste. The HTPS, when installed in a vehicle, gives off more power, enabling the vehicle to run faster without having to add more fuel.

The DOST recognized the invention and included De Jesus among the beneficiaries of the Invention-based Enterprise Development program of the DOST Technology Application & Promotion Institute, which supports the development of inventions, which are turned into business enterprise and made available to consumers.

De Jesus recalled that he has been developing various electrical devices since 2000, when he and his family were still in Nueva Ecija.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rain or Shine: All-Weather Solar Cells

Posted By: The Mail Man - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Numerous research efforts have already demonstrated the potential for graphene to improve the efficiency of solar cells. Now a team of researchers in China has leveraged the remarkable properties of the wonder material to develop a new all-weather solar cell design that is able to generate electricity when current solar cells can't – when it's raining.

Amongst graphene's numerous impressive properties is its conductivity, which allows electrons to flow freely across its surface. When placed in an aqueous solution, this gives the material the ability to bind a pair of positively charged ions with a pair of its negatively charged electrons in what is known as a Lewis acid-base reaction. This property is exploited to remove lead ions and organic dyes from solutions and inspired a team led by Qunwei Tang to develop solar cells that generate electricity not only from the sun, but also raindrops.

Rather than being pure water, raindrops contain various salts that split into positively and negatively charged ions. When the water comes into contact with graphene, the positive ions bind with electrons on the graphene surface. At this point of contact between the water and the graphene, a double-layer of electrons and positively-charged ions forms, creating a pseudocapacitor. The difference in potential between the two layers is large enough to generate a voltage and current.

Convergys inducted to Hall of Fame as Best Company of the Year at 10th International ICT Awards

Posted By: The Mail Man - Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Convergys Philippines team at the 2016 International ICT Awards Philippines (from left to right): Facilities Director Patricia Formoso; Finance Vice President Aldrin Dulig; Global Procurement Senior Manager Bel Cabel; Finance Director Flor Basilio; Finance Director Vivian Wycoco; Senior Vice President and Country Manager Ivic Mueco; Chairman Marife Zamora; Operations Senior Director Mark Smith; Executive Administrator Rina Ordonez.   
 Convergys, the country’s largest private employer, was elevated to the 2016 ICT Hall of Fame after winning Best Company of the Year for the third time at the 10th International ICT Awards Philippines, held in Manila. It is the first company to achieve Hall of Fame status in both Best Company and Best Employer categories.

“The ICT Awards celebrates the collective journey and excellence of the entire Philippine IT-BPM industry and the significance of Filipino talent. Convergys is proud to share in this journey of success. Aside from the honor of representing the industry’s best, being recognized for the third time as Best Company of the Year is also a way for us to bring pride to the work our 63,000 Filipino employees do every day. Their passion to deliver only the best for our clients, customers, one another and our communities, is truly the foundation for this achievement,” says Ivic Mueco, Senior Vice President and Country Manager of Convergys Philippines.

The Best Company of the Year Award recognizes all aspects of business management excellence, such as financial and operational performance, depth and breadth of services, client and employee growth, company leadership, as well as social responsibility.

Convergys Philippines, which started its operations in 2003, now has 34 sites across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With 63,000 employees in the country, the company provides a unique mix of agent, analytics, and technology solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Learn more information at

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Things to consider before buying a Laptop Online

Posted By: Tech Support - Monday, April 11, 2016
A laptop is used for many purposes. People use it to work on projects, surf the web and give presentations. Some people use it for enjoyment purposes such as watching movies, uploading pictures or listening to music. Not only does it give you access to a number of things, it also acts as a storage device for all your important data.

A number of famous brands all around the world produce some of the highest selling laptops such as Dell, Apple, and HP. They have various versions to choose from along with multiple features to look at. The prices match the number of things present in the laptops. Many online marketplaces in the Philippines such as Kaymu offer great discounts and deals when you buy laptops from them. 

When you shop for laptops online, there are a number of things to keep in mind: 

1.    Choose the Right place and Look at their policies:
The right online laptop shop is one of the most important points to consider. You should always go for a shop that has a high credibility and people regularly visit it. In addition to this, always read the customer reviews present so that you know what people like you are commenting. Next, look at the return policy and the after sale services of the store. If they are consumer friendly, then they are the best. 

2.    Amount of use of your laptop:

Everybody has their own use for the laptop. There are multiple type of users present. People who have light usage surf the web, pay bills online, send emails and indulge in social networking.
Average users store and stream music along with movies. They also conduct tasks like spreadsheets and create documents. Demanding users are those who multi-task on their computers. They also have to create high quality graphics. 

3.    Choosing the Operating System:

The operating system is considered to be the heart of your laptop. It manages all the software and hardware attached to it. There are three operating systems to choose from.

The OS X is exclusive for Mac. It has an easy to use interface along with an impressive battery life. Moreover, they encounter less viruses and malware.
Windows are designed to expand the options of navigation you have. These have task manager, streamlined management of files and built in apps. Most of the large laptop companies use this system.

Chrome OS is exclusive for Chromebook line of mobile computers and has its own specific custom apps. This is perfect for light users as it has a good battery life. 

4.    Look at the Screen Size:

The screen size of the laptop is directly in relation to your use. The laptop screen sizes range from 11 inches going up to 17 inches. Smaller screen sizes work best for light users and students. Larger screen sizes are perfect for gamers, graphic designers or people who have to watch a lot of movies.

5.    Consider the Features:

Every laptop brand comes up with a large range of features present. You should look at each and every one to see what you have to buy.

The first one to look at are the processors. These are made by either Intel or AMD. Most of the laptops use Intel processors as they offer high stability. The memory or the RAM is another fact to consider. The base level laptops have RAM of around 2 GB but if you want to have a better processing laptop then go for one that has 6 GB of RAM. Other things to look at are the hard drive, the graphics cards, the USB ports and the drives.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Talent Supply still Crucial in IT-BPO Industry

Posted By: The Mail Man - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

TALENT supply should remain a key priority of the government and the private sector to ensure continued growth in the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry.

“We need to work further in ensuring talent supply, considering that IT-BPM is a population intensive industry,” said Jibin Arjunan, Wipro regional head for Asia Pacific and Japan, during the recent Asia CEO Forum in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

The Wipro executive underscored the need for the government to ensure the industry will have a continuous supply in its workforce, as the strong growth in other industries require similar skills or talent qualifications needed by the IT-BPM industry.

“We are entering an age of significant disruption fueled by foreign direct investments such that salary and talent availability have become crucial factors in securing a foothold in this already competitive industry,” Arjunan said.

He noted that Cebu, for instance, has lost its creative people to Luzon. He urged the private sector and the local government to bring these talents back to Cebu for the province to also grow the high-value segment of the outsourcing industry.

Moreover, Arjunan said the Philippines is in a good position to become a strong player in the ASEAN region, both as an investment and employment destination.

“ASEAN integration could be the next big thing for the Philippines in terms of regional power-play,” he said. “With borders opening up, it could lead to movement of high-skilled individuals and more investments,” he added.

Arjunan said the country should leverage on its healthy history of outsourcing business, and low cost of living and business operations to attract more companies to operate in the Philippines and more talents from ASEAN to seek job opportunities.

“This integration could help us rescue the depleting good talent pool and boost investments for the industry,” he said.

Technology, growth areas and talent development are the vital factors that the country needs to prepare for in the digital future, said Jonathan de Luzuriaga, former executive director for Industry Affairs of the IBPAP and current president of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA).

Aside from the language skills and being highly-trainable, the rise of technology has also prompted industries to hire digitally-equipped workers, De Luzuriaga noted.

He said the era of smartphones and other advanced digital tools have paved the way for new talent qualifications such as social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, a design mindset, new media literate, cognitive lead management, cross-cultural competencies, and computational thinking.

“We need to look at the impact of emerging technology in the way we do business and in hiring talents to join the industry,” said De Luzuriaga.

De Luzuriaga warned companies to prepare for the rise of automation, which could eventually replace jobs of entry-level workers.

“Robotics process automation is here. And it is going to take away jobs of those in the lower rank of the ladder,” he said.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Future Jobs report published last January has warned of the transformation in the labor market due to the significant technological advances, pushing the world into the “fourth industrial revolution.” It noted that it will lead to a net loss of over five million jobs in the 15 major developed and emerging economies by 2020.

“Without urgent and targeted action today to manage the near-term transition and build a workforce with future-proof skills, governments will have to cope with the ever-growing unemployment and inequality, and businesses with a shrinking consumer base,” said Klaus Schwab, WEF founder and executive chairman in the report.

De Luzuriaga explained that automation won’t have a huge impact yet with the current customer base, as they still prefer the traditional interaction —chat, emails, and phone calls. But automation becomes a real threat when the millennials take over as the huge customer base.

“The new customer base would be technology-driven. This is the area where we need to prepare,” he said.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on April 05, 2016.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Palawan ITBI to develop World Class Technopreneurs

Posted By: The Mail Man - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Palawan International Business Incubator or ITBI is collaborating with the DOST – MIMAROPA and Make a Difference (MAD) Malaysia ti help local startups in developing world class ideas.

Launched at the Palawan State University-Main Campus in Puerto Princesa City, the Palawan ITBI will be operated under the MAD Incubator management framework. These 16 tech-driven startups made a mark as investors bought into their ideas.

The objective of supporting startups is the creation of additional jobs and the introduction of domestic technology into the EAGA and the upcoming Asean Economic Community.

According to DOST-MIMAROPA regional director Josefina Abilay, the Palawan ITBI will allow “ideas to be transformed into products and start-ups can be guided to become full-fledged entrepreneurs.” 


Monday, April 4, 2016

More time for Higher Degree Applications for K-12 Displaced Teachers Needed

Posted By: The Mail Man - Monday, April 04, 2016

The April 1, 2016 deadline for government funded scholarship programs teachers who were displaced by the K-12 basic education program has lapsed. The scholarship program was intended for teachers in private colleges who will be affected by the K-12 program by having a lowered income level or outright losing their teaching positions.

The scholarship will provide free tuition to teachers and staff to attain for master’s or doctoral degrees with stipends from Php20,000 to Php28,000 per month depending on the degree taken up. More than 33,000 college instructors are estimated to be affected and may be without a teaching position until 2018.

Senator Ralph Recto requested the Commission on Higher Education to provide for an extension of the application for the Graduate Education for Faculty and Staff Development in the K to 12 Transition Period by two weeks or up to April 15, 2016.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The “Hollow Flashlight” and Filipino Hearts and Minds

Posted By: The Mail Man - Friday, April 01, 2016

There was this student in Mindanao. Like many Filipinos, they barely eked out a living but like most Filipinos, they also knew that the only way out from their condition is through education. This student had the odds stacked against her. Their electricity was cut because they were too poor to pay for it. Because of this, the student could not study properly and it resulted in the student failing the entire school year. This story is common in this country. But the student had an uncommon friend.

The friend is Ann Mokosinski. Having half Filipino ethnicity and living in Canada, Ann deplored what happened to her friend and she sought a way to be able to help her friend and indirectly those of like circumstances. Ann is only 15 years old.

Knowing the limitations on finances and availability of cheap energy for poor Filipinos, Anne came up with an invention. She called it the “Hollow Flashlight”. It provides light without external power, no batteries and is not solar powered. The flashlight is powered by human body heat. The flashlight will provide light when held by the palm of the hands.

The flashlight uses Peltier tiles that transforms hand warmth into free energy. The principle is that one side is warmed by body heat and the other side is exposed to ambient temperature. The greater the difference in temperature, the more power generated. Ann disclosed that the human body has enough body heat to power 100 watts of light.

Ann started the flashlight as a high school science project and entered it into the Google Science Fair. She won a a US$50,000 scholarship grant and a trip to the Galapagos Islands. She also won Third Award from NASA. But above all, she won the future for many disadvantaged Filipino youths.

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