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Pinoy inventor of fuel-saving gadget gets DOST aid

The Filipino inventor of “Highmax” – a fuel-saving emission cleaning gadget for vehicles – was among the inventors and innovators provided with financial and technical assistance by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Junior de Jesus, 46, an electrical and electronics technician, invented the Highmax Turbo Power Simulator (HTPS), which allows vehicles to burn 100 percent of the fuel.

Normally, a vehicle burns only up to 70 percent of the injected fuel, leaving the 30 percent unused portion, often seen as smoke emission, to waste. The HTPS, when installed in a vehicle, gives off more power, enabling the vehicle to run faster without having to add more fuel.

The DOST recognized the invention and included De Jesus among the beneficiaries of the Invention-based Enterprise Development program of the DOST Technology Application & Promotion Institute, which supports the development of inventions, which are turned into business enterprise and made available to consumers.

De Jesus recalled that he has been developing various electrical devices since 2000, when he and his family were still in Nueva Ecija.


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