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Things to consider before buying a Laptop Online

A laptop is used for many purposes. People use it to work on projects, surf the web and give presentations. Some people use it for enjoyment purposes such as watching movies, uploading pictures or listening to music. Not only does it give you access to a number of things, it also acts as a storage device for all your important data.

A number of famous brands all around the world produce some of the highest selling laptops such as Dell, Apple, and HP. They have various versions to choose from along with multiple features to look at. The prices match the number of things present in the laptops. Many online marketplaces in the Philippines such as Kaymu offer great discounts and deals when you buy laptops from them. 

When you shop for laptops online, there are a number of things to keep in mind: 

1.    Choose the Right place and Look at their policies:
The right online laptop shop is one of the most important points to consider. You should always go for a shop that has a high credibility and people regularly visit it. In addition to this, always read the customer reviews present so that you know what people like you are commenting. Next, look at the return policy and the after sale services of the store. If they are consumer friendly, then they are the best. 

2.    Amount of use of your laptop:

Everybody has their own use for the laptop. There are multiple type of users present. People who have light usage surf the web, pay bills online, send emails and indulge in social networking.
Average users store and stream music along with movies. They also conduct tasks like spreadsheets and create documents. Demanding users are those who multi-task on their computers. They also have to create high quality graphics. 

3.    Choosing the Operating System:

The operating system is considered to be the heart of your laptop. It manages all the software and hardware attached to it. There are three operating systems to choose from.

The OS X is exclusive for Mac. It has an easy to use interface along with an impressive battery life. Moreover, they encounter less viruses and malware.
Windows are designed to expand the options of navigation you have. These have task manager, streamlined management of files and built in apps. Most of the large laptop companies use this system.

Chrome OS is exclusive for Chromebook line of mobile computers and has its own specific custom apps. This is perfect for light users as it has a good battery life. 

4.    Look at the Screen Size:

The screen size of the laptop is directly in relation to your use. The laptop screen sizes range from 11 inches going up to 17 inches. Smaller screen sizes work best for light users and students. Larger screen sizes are perfect for gamers, graphic designers or people who have to watch a lot of movies.

5.    Consider the Features:

Every laptop brand comes up with a large range of features present. You should look at each and every one to see what you have to buy.

The first one to look at are the processors. These are made by either Intel or AMD. Most of the laptops use Intel processors as they offer high stability. The memory or the RAM is another fact to consider. The base level laptops have RAM of around 2 GB but if you want to have a better processing laptop then go for one that has 6 GB of RAM. Other things to look at are the hard drive, the graphics cards, the USB ports and the drives.

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