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Dell EMC Presents a Picture of the Future

A Picture of the Future by Dell EMC

There is currently big industry shifts with regards to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and these are evidenced by IT buying patterns that are changing and that companies and corporations are being induced to invest more in the acquisition of new technologies in running their operations and administrations. Thus, the dynamics are seen to change between today and all the way to the year 2030.

Dmitri Chen, COO for Dell Philippines presented what lies ahead in the field of ICT and it does not only apply to advanced countries but also to the Philippines and other less developed countries. Citing that technology is a great equalizer and technology-based solutions are best suited for the new world situation. 
"The use of such new technologies will allow a bigger portion of the pie for the users.” Dmitri Cen, Dell EMC Philippines COO
The subject matter delved into the dynamics between Traditional IT (Premise-based) and IT based on the Public Cloud (Off-Premise based). It was disclosed that there is already a shift in increasing utilization of the Public Cloud among many corporations and institutions. But it was also stated that Traditional IT will not entirely be replaced by Public Cloud but will generate a Hybrid Infrastructure that is On-Premise –based and Off-Premise- based.  It can also be called “Converged Infrastructure.”

This Converged Infrastructure will lead to the following:

1. Digital Transformation – This means that there will be new applications and smart devices. New Analytics will also emerge that will deliver new insights and new customer experiences.

2. IT Transformation – Giving the ability to take a larger market share for products and services and also a competitive advantage for businesses.

3. Security Transformation – Data today is getting bigger and the ability to secure that data is the responsibility of businesses and institutions. This is to be expected since Data is continuously evolving.  This does not only apply to stored data but also in its transmission, delivery and even data reception by the end user.

4. Workforce Transformation – The employees and workers will also be affected by new technology in such matters like User Experience (UX) because solutions are designed for the way people work. Also to be affected are working schedules, workplaces, and even security of the work output. All these will transform the workforce into a competitive advantage.

All of these changes are what is in store for the future and, "The use of such new technologies will allow a bigger portion of the pie for the users.” Said Dmitri Chen.

The presentation was held last January 18, 2017, at the Discovery Primea, Ayala Ave., Makati City.

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