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“Smartening Up” our Cities

Image from IOT Phils.,Inc.

The rate of urbanization in the Philippines has accelerated over the beginning of the new millennium. This does not only pertain to the cities in the National Capital Region but also in all regional urban centers. This has brought with it new challenges and problems. It is expected to do so because of the need to sustain an economy that is increasingly based on urban areas and the demand for more service related industries.

This has brought about these new problems such as:

1. Population increase correlated with poverty
2. Health and Education
3. Public Safety
4. Governance
5. Traffic

According to Dexter Tan of Converge, the only way of effectively managing and handling the impending urban crisis is through the use of technology. Particularly, Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

ICT will be used to improve the quality of life, bring more efficient services that will be able to meet the future demands of a burgeoning urban population in the future.

That is why ICT must be utilized in:

1. Technology and Infrastructure where traffic management, transportation, healthcare, urban planning, safety and security, and even education.

2. Sustainability refers to waste management, environmental concerns such as CO2 emissions, energy, water resource management, recycling and air quality.

3. Governance wherein government services, monitoring of the communities, law and justice and even business processes be given an ICT advantage.

4. Economy – management of human resources, financial maturity, products and resources and financial capital.

Only through the extensive use of ICT can these “Smart” Cities be sustainable in the future.

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