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Groceries? Do it Online!

The ritual of buying provisions for the home is as old as the concept of the nuclear family itself. But modern day conveniences are also met with modern day challenges. That is why it is now a cause of stress for many of us who have to go to the grocery regularly. The products are on the shelves and they are well organized but the real challenge is going to the grocery itself and the trip home. Also, urbanization brought challenges such as traffic, parking and above all, time which has become a commodity in itself. 

A Filipino startup has presented and offered a solution for all the grocery related problems. does all the “grocering” for you wherever you are. With just a click at the online site, will deliver the groceries for you right at your doorstep. The customer will choose the time when the groceries will be delivered.

And the items will cost the same as what is in the grocery itself since has low operating overheads according to Marketing Officer Mark Jedwin T. Que.

To further add value, also offers the same promos as when one is in the grocery or supermarket. Also, the interactive website gives a wide variety of choices for every product need. Just like in the grocery minus the walking and pushing the kart and lining up for payments which can be a real source of inconvenience.

On the average, 3 hours is spent during a grocery activity cycle and that includes traffic, parking, lining up to the cashier. Also, the burden of so many grocery bags to carry.

So do yourself a favor. Go to for your grocery needs! was a participant in the Techtonics Technology Fair and is one of the most notable startups during the pitching competition where they were among the 10 finalists. 

For your grocery needs :

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