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Towards Resilient Communities: Smart City Congress 2017

The first ever convergence of young technology practitioners, private institutions and, government stakeholders for sustainable and resilient communities and cities was held last August 4 to August 6 at the De La Salle University (DLSU) Taft Campus.

Its aim is to present technology based assessments and solutions that will be utilized in making current cities in the country more resilient and sustainable in several key areas such as:

1. City/Urban Planning
2. Traffic
3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM)
4. Governance
5. Use of Information and Communications Technology Solutions
6. Use of Microsatellites in Philippine Development

The participants numbering over 150 students from DLSU and other colleges and universities were presented the challenge of formulating and developing solutions that will use ICT in making cities and towns sustainable and uplift the quality of living.
Participants at the Smart City Congress 2017

The targeted youth participants that will craft the ICT-based solutions are composed of 25 teams that have undergone breakout sessions that will result in the development of the solutions. 

There were keynote speakers that presented the situationers with regards to current technologies available and projected trends in urban development. These were also meant to provide the participants with key areas that they can focus with regards to their developed solutions.

It was stressed throughout that solutions contain such features as the following:

1. Governance – that such areas in government services and functions be included (ex. Permits and licensing) 
2. Transparency in processes and procedures
3. Involvement and interactive features for the people
4. Infrastructure development
5. Safety and Security
7. Urban Planning

The Smart City Congress 2017 is the first of its kind in taking the initiative towards involving the youth and harnessing ICT for future urban and city management and development.

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