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How to Build Your Startup Without Code

Taktika Multimedia went one step further in contributing to the Philippine Startup Ecosystem. Takita (itself a startup) rolled out its initial series of helping startups get their feet on the ground running. Recognizing that the startup sector is not 100% composed of “Techies” and that most problems that are needing technology based solutions come from the ideas who have limited tech capacities (that is why they came up with their ideas in the first place), the niche must also be addressed.

Taktika came up with “How to Build Your Startup Without Code.” The Makati Leg of this endeavor was conducted at QBO (“Kubo) last August 5, 2017. This is in line with the workshop series of called Founders Who Bootstrap.
Ms. Joie Cruz conducting the training.
The course outline for the training was well-suited for the 50 participants who came from various disciplines and business sectors from sports oriented services all the way to the restaurant, food, and beverage sectors.
Training participants of How to Build Your Startup Without Code 
It was initially impressed upon the participants that what is important is to make the first steps into being a tech entrepreneur is by coming up with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will start the learning process from being a “wantrepreneur” into an entrepreneur.

The development process that starts from identifying a problem to developing a solution was also presented. 

The core subjects tackled the simple question of how to begin when the “coding” skills are not present in the startup founders.

The solutions presented at the training were two-fold:

WordPress to make a WebApp. This included:

1. Installing WordPress
2. WordPress Interface and Navigation
3. Where to get resources from your website

What was also part of this was such information on how to buy low-cost hosting domain names even without using a credit card and free resources available on the web.

Bubble to make a WebApp. Bubble utilizes visual programming that will enable the user to:

1. How to use Bubble I creating your own WebApp
2. Setting up a Bubble Account
3. Bubble interface and Navigation
4. Bubble Workflow.

The training was undertaken by Ms. Joie C, Cruz, Founder of Taktika Multimedia. Ms. Cruz is a teacher, designer, and entrepreneur. Mr. Michael Ignacio is the Lead Developer of Web3, a web design and digital marketing company based in Brisbane, Australia.

The How to Build Your Startup Without Code training and workshop series are slated to be conducted in Quezon City and Alabang, Muntinlupa City. 

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