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Recognition for Eight Filipino Outstanding Young Scientists

The 2017 National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) will confer awards to the Outstanding Young Scientists (OYS) of the country during its NAST 39th Annual Scientific Meeting on July 12, 2017.

The Awardees are as follows:  

1. Aletta Concepcion Yñiguez with her research on marine biology and fisheries led to the development of The Ocean Protector. It is the first integrated biophysical  models for sardine fisheries and algal bloom management. This aims to strengthen further the sardine fisheries industry sector.

2. Jeffrey Perez developed the Faultfinder. The research is about the geological fault distribution and identifying faultlines in the country. This is of critical importance since faultlines must be identified and included in current hazard maps distributed by Phivolcs.

3. Nathaniel Hermosa II is currently conducting research on light and its applications. The Light Shaper as the name explains is that using fiber optics wherein light is used in transmitting data is limited by having a binary system. According to the research being conducted, if light can be shaped then the amount of data being transmitted can be increased considerably. 

4. Phillip Aviola is conducting wildlife research at UP Los Baños.

5. Dr. Lanndon Ocampo from the University of San Carlos for industrial engineering.

6. Mario Antonio Jiz II on medical sciences at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.

7. Jayeel Cornelio on the sociological sciences at Ateneo de Manila University.

8. Krista Danielle Yu on economics at De La Salle University.

The awardees are aged 41 and below. To qualify, they must be nominated by the Heads of their respective institutions.

The OYS award has been given by the NAST annually for 40 years now. To become one, a scientist must be nominated by heads of institutions and organizations.

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