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MSMEs get boost from DOST

DAVAO. DOST-Davao One Expert administrator John Rey Orozco said during Tuesday’s Davao Business Forum at a mall in this city that anyone with scientific research and consultation needs can use the One Expert website which will connect them to experts. 

It is acknowledged that Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) have the right idea but needs support in terms of technical, operational and management capacities.

In Davao, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) regional office has commenced with providing MSMEs with an interactive platform that connects MSMEs with about 1,000 experts wherein technical assistance can be acquired. The platform is called One Expert (1E).

As of June 2017 the program has already given assistance to about 40 MSMEs.

This was stated by DOST-Davao 1E administrator John Rey Orozco at the Davao Business Forum at SM City Davao. 

1E is composed of  pool of science and technology experts wherein technical and consultancy services can be tapped by MSMEs for their business operations. Launched last 2016, 1E’s objective is to establish a network of experts in science and technology all over the country. It will promote the sharing of knowledge and information among researchers, experts and then will be cascaded to MSMEs that require such information and best practices.

1E has a database from experts coming from diverse disciplines such as agriculture, aquaculture, energy management and audit of operations, food safety and manufacturing efficiency. It also contains links to Starbooks, a digital library created by the Science and Technology Information Institute.

“Everyone can easily connect through their computers, laptop, tablets or smart phones. One just need to register to talk to any of the experts through private messaging, participate in the group chat or forum (Mingle), and read the latest information and innovation in science and technology through ‘In the Spotlight’,” Orozco stated.

“All services from experts from DOST staffs are free but those private experts are charged depending on the services provided,” Orozco said.

The 1E program has currently a resource base of 1,000 experts nationwide who are members of The National Academy of Science and Technology, National Research Council of the Philippines as well as researchers and scientists from DOST funded projects.

To know more about 1E, you may visit One Expert website or download the app on Google play.

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