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The Filipino Future Calling

The Philippines is currently at the cusp of another leap into the future. This publication, Techblade, has since in its inception advocated and supported Science, Technology, Education and Startups. Having featured Filipina Astrophysicist Reina Reyes, countless students triumphant in international math and science competitions, the Diwata-1 Microsatellite development and launch and new products and processes conceptualized, developed and implemented by the Filipino youth, it is evident that momentum is gaining wherein science and technology will be gaining more traction in development.

Leading the charge towards the future as mentioned above is the Filipino youth. Never before has technology been more democratized as before wherein knowledge and information can be acquired even outside of the classroom. Together with this is the motivation brought about by the availability of information to the youth that empowers them to shape the future based on their abilities.

Startups have been around for almost a decade in the country. Even though those who founded the startups did not even know that they were “startups”. All they had were ideas brought about by perceiving a need for a product or a service that were still absent or they were the ones who refused to believe that they could not be done. The next step was to make it viable and acceptable to the market.

Meet Russ Earl Micah B. Malangen

The “New Filipino” adept at technology and at the same time business savvy, Russ is currently a student at the De La Salle University with a course in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with specializations in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering. But that is just skimming the surface. Russ has core competencies in the following; Technology Innovation and Integration wherein it comes as natural as swimming is to fishes.  He is also proficient  in Project Management, Research and Development, Entrepreneurship and to round it all up is a spellbinder in Public Speaking. 

Proof of these are the following:        

1. Founder and CEO of LX Innovative Solutions
2. Head Technology Intelligence Specialist of Verano Intelligence Group
3. Keynote Speaker – DevCon Summit Philippines 2016
4.  Integration Solutions Specialist – Virtual Reality Philippines
5. Grand Champion of the SME Innovation Award 2015

The above-mentioned are some of the achievements of Russ Malangen and these are just for starters. 

Russ acknowledges that he still has a lot to learn and intends to further his studies abroad and will eventually return to the Philippines armed with the requisite knowledge so as to help in the development of the country.

Russ Earl B. Malangen is representative of many other like him. The wave of the Filipino Future.

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