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Kickstart Turns 4!

Kickstart Ventures has been in the leading edge of systemic support for startups since 2011. Of course, Kickstart started out as a startup itself. A wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Kickstart was conceptualized and was launched in 2011 but was incorporated in 2012.

Kickstart filled in the gap that was needed at a time when startups were the logical results of the business evolution in the country and in the region.

In the Philippines, Kickstart is known as:

1.    An active institutional investor for digital startups.
2.    A preferred lead/co-investor of investors
3.    An active collaborator for startups. Kickstart utilizes its networks that include Globe Telecom, SingTel and Ayala Corp.

Kickstart invests in the following areas in the digital media sector that ranges from digital SaaS to Digital Concierge. It also is involved in Technology Innovations that increase efficiency, energy management and storage and even operating systems that improve efficiency, and customer experience.

By December 2012, Kickstart had  10 startups in their portfolio some of which are now household names such as Kalibrr and Tripid and to add another 7 up to 2015. It is not about making money. It is all about not having to fail. And Kickstart has barely scratched the surface of the barrel when it comes to investing in talent, ideas and hard work.

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