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Party Harder with Partyphile App

Manila has levelled up a notch with regards to the party scene. Last 2013, Ron Baetiong launched Guestlist. This was an app where one can make reservations at a top club or party place for you and your friends. It was revolutionary in a way since in the Philippines, only 5% have credit cards and one can use the app to make reservations  using cellphone load or postbaid bill.

But as a startup, Guestlist was a victim of a startup disease, the “Success Syndrome”. That means Guestlist has grown and needs to have additional capitalization since it has to expand its products and services via the app.

Ron started talking to potential investors and 500 Startups. “We were told to generate traction first” disclosed Ron and by that time, they were in a the middle of transitioning from Guestlist to Partyphile. By March 2015 Partyphile has gained “Traction” and Validated the Business Model which meant having 35,000 downloads from iOS and Android and generated US$20,000 in revenues. Partyphile has gained the approval of 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm with an undisclosed seed amount.

With Partyphile, app users can get on the guestlists of the top clubs in Manila, without paying entrance fees and standing in line. The payment system is via monthly credit or mobile phone bill. These can also be used to buy all-access VIP memberships. New features include automatic guest listing for friends, and even geo targeting wherein activities and events can be found within a five kilometre radius from the user’s location.

Recognizing the market potential of the young, urban demographics of the Philippines and Southeast Asia, Ron intends to expand the operations of Partyphile in these areas using investments from additional sources.

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