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5 Tips for Cybersecurity.

Hacking, ID Theft and data breaches have reached a peak of 23% from 2013 -2014 according to the Harris Poll, But these caused 46% of those who were surveyed by the  University of Phoenix College of Information Systems and Technology to adopt safety procedures ranging from not conducting transactions on shared computers to regular changing of passwords and refusal to give personal information online. These resulted in the decrease of information security vulnerabilities.

5 Tips

1.    Quality of Passwords – Use passwords that combine random characters, letters and numbers. Change them regularly.
2.    Emails – Be cautious of emails from unknown sources. Also be suspicious with emails that have attachments and links.
3.    Always use and Firewall.
4.    Never give personal information online.
5.    Always make sure that the browser you are using is secure.

With these steps, one can minimize the chances of hacking, ID theft and data breaches.

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