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Synergy of Healthcare and Technology

The digital revolution  has been going on for almost 30 years and it has no signs of stopping or even slowing down. In fact, the pace on which technology is has been breathtaking. In the last 30 years, technology and the way we live has grown exponentially that what has transpired technologically between the years 1900 to 1950 can be measured in the technological evolution of the last 5 years.

Such leaps in technology was not only confined to the military-industrial complex but has included in its march the realms of manufacturing, agriculture, travel, education, governance and even health. It is said that we are now experiencing the fifth  wave of the industrial revolution. That apart from creating electronic products for infinite uses, the linking of such products is the current step.

Health and Education

In this regard, Health and Education can no go beyond the  four corners of the classroom or the walls of the universities. By combining established and dynamic curricula, there is now a way to more efficiently reach out to more students and health professionals that will cross the limits brought by geography.

Introducing MedX Philippines

MedX is the 1st and only Philippine eLearning platform , for Medical, Allied Medical and Nursing courses and other healthcare related training programs offered by premier universities, professional organizations, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

HealthInformatics, Inc. (Hii), developers and implementers of Health Information System solutions and the first and only  solutions company that 100% online Health Informatics Courses. Hii is in the business of providing solutions for healthcare productivity as well as education of healthcare professionals.

Hii os an affiliate of Electronic Health Records International , Inc. Of Sebastopol, California, USA.

The Basic Features are the following:

1.       Customizable URLsd for Partner’s Own Subdomains

2.       Dasjhboards

3.       Learning Managemenmt System

4.       Gradebooks and Workbooks

5.       Mobile, 100% Responsive

MedX is suited for

Academic Institutions
Professional Organizations for Certification and Updates
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities for Employee Training

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