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Smartphone and Personal Security Application Made Easy

Did you ever wonder how you can secure the data on your phone in the event it gets lost or stolen?  We'd like to introduce you to TARA

Theft Apprehension & Asset Recovery Application (or TARA) is an advanced, complete Anti-Theft Technology for mobile phones. This mobile phone application renders the handset useless in case of theft via the full system lock feature. This proudly Filipino application is the first in the world technology of its kind.

Why have such an application?

The Philippines belongs to the top mobile phone users in the world. Unfortunately, mobile phone theft is just as prevalent as mobile phone users. There is a mechanism with the National Telecommunications Commission on how to deal with mobile phone theft but the procedure and process is labyrinthine and by the time the process has been completed, the stolen phone would have been sold by the thieves.

Kill Switch

Although in the US, there are already “Kill Switches” that are available but in the Philippines there are a dearth of such applications. That is why this Android App has been developed so as to respond to the need for mobile phone security.

What does TARA do?

As an anti-theft service software, it is compatible with the Android Operating Systems. It transmits via the GSM (Global System for Mobile communications or Groupe Spécial Mobile), 3G (Third Generation) and 4G (Fourth Generation) standards. The product has two versions: Firmware TARA, which is embedded in devices at the chipset level; and TARA SOS (Save Our Smartphone), the downloadable version.

Although more recognizable as an anti-theft tool, TARA is strategically developed to provide services that save and enhance users’ lives. At present, it also incorporates an emergency notification solution that enables phone users to send text messages to a pre-set secondary/emergency number using their phone’s motion sensors. Unlike most other anti-theft applications, TARA is supported by a Customer Service Center (TARA HOTLINE) that facilitates the use of available solutions. With a dedicated Call Center, TARA is able to give phone users fast, reliable and straightforward response in case their phones are stolen or misplaced.

After the establishment of TARA’s anti-theft support, the next phase would be the development of its mobile insurance; and emergency notification and assistance services for a substantial population of phone users. In due course, TARA is prepared to expand its network to even include enterprise-driven services.

Features-wise, TARA stands with the rest of the anti-theft apps in a competitive level; its solutions – LOCK/UNLOCK, SIM CATCH, LOCATE PHONE, and DATA WIPE – had been tested to work 100%.TARA is embedded in some devices at the manufacturing level (Firmware TARA), and requires user registration for ownership verification. Non-embedded phones can also download TARA via the Internet.

For the average users, activating TARA is simple and hassle-free since it’s done right on their phones as soon as they tap on the icon. After typing a few important details, especially a unique 6-digit PIN, the information is sent via SMS and the system replies with a confirmation message that the phone is indeed registered. TARA even simplifies user access to its features. If the phone is stolen or lost, the owner may use another phone to turn on the ‘kill switch’ via SMS and turn it off in the same manner if the phone is recovered. Or else, the owner may call the hotline to ask a Call Center agent to execute any or all of the anti-theft tools. The Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Center are available 24/7, with assured network stability, to manage requests by users.

Apart from a dependable Call Center support, TARA is distinguishable for its user-focused approach. Whereas some anti-theft apps, like Norton Mobile Security or Avast, are packaged together with anti-virus software, TARA incorporates an emergency notification service, a shortcut mode for users to ask for help in exigent circumstances. After all, a phone will never be as important as its owner.

1.      Lock/Unlock
2.      SMS Catch
3.      Locate Phone
4.      Data Wipe

Contact Details for TARA:
Level 29, Joy Nostalg Centre, ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

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