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Filipino Startup Aims to Democratize 3D Print

Kezar Team: (Left to right) Katherine Chua, Edward Solicito, 
Jo Anne Paril, Paul Galacan, and Sean Lacar
Kezar Innovations, an anticipated tech startup, seeks to become the forefront of Filipino Technology Development. Looking at how this startup operates, it's undeniable as to why it stands out. At only 9 months old, Kezar Innovations has been operating 4 startups underneath its banner, and it is quite a feat as 90% of startups fail within their first year of operations. One of Kezar’s most profitable startups is Kezar3D Printing Services.

Kezar3D is one of the first startups founded by Kezar Innovations in its development in early February of 2018. Within 24 hours of sending out the investment proposals, Kezar3D was fully funded. It started operations on April 7, 2018, making out to be the largest 3D printing startup in South Luzon. Majority of its clients come from the academic sector, assisting in the development of their prototypes and scale models. After a mere 7 months in business, Kezar3D had already reached 120% ROI.

It is surprising how quickly 3D printing technology has been making its way into various industries ranging from DIY products to DIY employment. Kezar3D aims to bridge the gap between the industrial and consumer use of additive manufacturing.

Katherine Chua, the Chief of Operations, stated, “Existing 3D printing services isn’t an option to most Filipinos due to their expensive price points. With Kezar3D, we’ve scaled our facilities to the extent that we were able to slice down our price range to a fourth of our competitors.” She also added that Kezar3D will be opening branches nationwide starting on Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao before the end of the year and that this startup aims to give Filipinos access to designing, creating, and printing their own one-of-a-kind 3D-printed items.

So here we are: Creating the channel that will allow us to make 3D printing technology accessible to all Filipinos.

With this, the future will be looking forward to more startups that aim to break barriers of 3D Printing as technology innovates itself to give an avenue for tech startups to start looking beyond the avant-garde type of printing to a whole other level.     

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