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Images of the Philippines transmitted by Diwata-2

Image captured by Diwata-2 of Aurora province,

Diwata-2 was launched last October 29, 2018, and deployed directly by the rocket launched from Japan. This is the second Cub-Sat by the country coming after Diwata-1 which was launched last 2016.

Diwata-2 has a higher orbital track which gives it a longer-service life in space. It recently captured and transmitted pictures of the Philippines notably Kalinga and Aurora provinces. 

“Diwata-2 has successfully captured images, less than a month after its launch,” said the program in a blogpost. “These images are part of the initial tests and calibration phase of Diwata-2’s cameras.”

Snapshots of fields in Kalinga and a portion of Aurora province were taken and transmitted.

Diwata-2 was built by Filipino space engineers in Japan, was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center.

Images of coasts captured through Diwata-2’s cameras can be used to assess coastal conditions which are key indicators for water quality, ecological health and resource management.

These MicroSats conduct surveys on agriculture, environment, national defense, disaster risk reduction and management and even land use and assessment. Their developmental contribution goes beyond mere technical and engineering aspects since planning and decision-making on important environmental and economic factors can be obtained by the information they send.

The major features that distinguish Diwata-2 from its predecessor include deployable solar panels for increased power generation output and an enhanced resolution camera which increases the resolution of images taken by SMI. 

Also, Diwata-2  feature two locally made experimental modules: an amateur radio unit for emergency communications and a satellite orientation module for increased pointing accuracy and future satellite development initiatives.

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