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From Traditional to Tambio. The Continuing Journey of a Tech Entrepreneur

Tambio founders May Montero and Ken Nieto. 

Raffles have always been a part of Philippine culture and results are eagerly awaited be it simple cakes of an Audi automobile. But behind the scenes of every raffle is a myriad of backroom operations that attempt to ensure the integrity of the raffle and of course transparency of their results. Otherwise, people will lose faith in the system and no longer participate in such event and activities.

Here comes Tambio. Tambio was developed by Kenneth Morgan Nieto who saw the difficulties of not only the raffle participant/s but also the raffle organizer/s. Having very little background I tech and also coding, Ken sought to find a solution to the cumbersome method still being applied. What Ken had was an extensive background in traditional business.

He started by selling ball caps with the Chicago Bulls logo and sign which was the rage back then. It was relatively easy for him having been brought up in a neighborhood near to Divisoria where one can bu buttons to Pokemon toys. Ken discovered and experienced the full business cycle and related that his first business venture which was selling Chicago Bulls ball caps just broke even with its bottom line. His next business venture, selling umbrellas with the logo of popular coffee chain and selling them in the province, also just broke even.

Insights Gained

The mistakes were not learned in vain though. Ken was able to develop insights on what works and what does not work in a real business environment. He then realized that new technology opened new horizons in entrepreneurship. He admitted that he had no real tech knowledge at that time when he decided to establish a tech startup. Ken admitted that it was “scary” at the start on his first tech venture. But IdeaSpace Foundation encouraged those with bright tech-driven solutions to strive in attaining the fruition of their ideas.

Thus, having been given a grant of a sum of money from IdeaSpace, Ken with his partner May Montero delved deep into the tech startup environment. Aside from learning from scratch how to do code, they also had to validate their ideas and further develop them via the same manual method of surveys to learn the market pulse of the industry. This two-pronged approach of doing non-traditional tech solutions backed up by manual validation proved the correct mix to start their tech venture.

They came up with Tambio that made raffle organizing and raffle operations so much easier for the organizers and participants. But having a prototype was not enough for Ken and his team, he wanted to make it easier still. Having learned that participants were more comfortable with smartphones than tablets, they started to introduce it in their activities. Also, a spin-off from Tambio was an event participants registration system that made the holding of events and activities more streamlined for the organizers.

Ken and his team with their Tambio owes a great deal to IdeaSpace not only for the initial funds for product conce[ptualization and development but also for the mentoring and guidance provided by the startup incubator and accelerator.

IdeaSpace has been holding the longest startup competition in the country and has recently announced of its 2019 startup competition that will be bigger and has expanded to include participants in other regions of the country.
Participants in the IdeaSpace roadshow presentation of its 2019 Startup Competition held at the Tambio office with Ken Nieto as resource speaker

Also, Ken and his team are not content with their current product, they continue to push the envelope with their desire to create newer and better solutions. Ken does not want to get stuck on the “Pansamantagal’ wherein a solution will become obsolete after time. Tambio will be the springboard for newer and better solutions in the future.


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