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Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines Support PH Creative Industry Sector

JFC Participants in the Arangkada Philippines 2018 Fora. From Left: Mr. John D. Forbes, Mr. Ebb Hinchliffe, Mr. Julian Payne, and Mr. Naoto Tago

The Creative Industry sector got a boost from the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines (JFC) during the Arangkada Philippines 2018 Creative Industry Fora held last November 27, 2018, at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati.

The active participation of the JCF during the fora marked the support of this important economic group. The JCF members are as follows:

1. American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
2. Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
3. Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
4. European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
5. Korean Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
6. Japanese Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

Mr. John D. Forbes, Chief of Party, the Arangkada Philippines Project stated that this is the first time that the Arangkada Philippines Project held 2 such fora in 1 year since its inception in 2011. This is evidence that the JCF is committed in enhancing the Philippine Creative Industry Sector.

During the Press Conference held after the event, Mr. Ebb Hinchliffe emphasized that in order to proceed fro the success of the event, both government and private sectors together with various stakeholders I the creative industry sector must push for structural changes in Philippine economic, cultural and educational policies in order for the country to keep up with the dynamics of the global creative industry

Mr. Naotro Tago, President of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines disclosed that there are already more than 50 Japanese industry players and companies are engaged in various sectors of the Philippine economy. The creative industry is one of the sectors that they are interested in participating in. Citing that the Japanese Creative Industry has always recognized the huge talent pool of Filipino “Creatives,” they are will to assist in the development of this industry sector.

Mr. Julian H. Payne of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce I the Philippines emphasized that further development of Filipino creative talent is needed for it to be globally competitive and this can be achieved by greater cooperation between government and academia for more advanced training and education of Filipino talent.

Mr. Forbes also disclosed that current laws and regulations hamper the transfer of technology that is critical in further developing the Philippine Creative Industry sector. He pointed out to current pending legislation in the House of Representatives and the Senate. By passing these laws, Filipinos can have more access to technology and training from experts abroad who are currently barred from practicing and giving relevant training to Filipinos.

Mr. Hold Lee during the fora related how the South Korean government took charge of the creative industry in their country with the mission of “Exporting Korean Culture<’ and currently Korean culture and Creative Industry products are widely distributed worldwide.

The JFC is committed to assist the Philippine Creative Industry sector in both trainings and technology transfer as well as promotion worldwide.

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