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Maya – 1 Deployed in Space

Image from DOST-ASTI

The Philippine’s first CubeSat (Cube Satellite) was deployed into space last August 10, 2018, by the International Space Station (ISS). It was launched into space last June 29, 2018, by the SpaceX Falcon spacecraft.

The CubeSat was among 2 others deployed from Malaysia and Bhutan. Maya – 1 will be used in taking imagery, serving as a repeater satellite for ham radio transmissions and even cellular phone communications.

Maya – 1 will function as a Store and Forward system for communications purposes between the CubeSat and ground stations. It will also provide scientists and government agencies with a geographical hazard map with its wide angle and narrow angle image generating cameras.

It can collect data on generating early warning on landslides and flash floods. It can also track endangered species and fishing vessels.

Maya – 1 was developed in cooperation with Japan and Kyoto University. 

Currently, Diwata – 2 the next Micro-Satellite developed by Filipinos is being readied for its own launch within the year.

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