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NYU Summa cum Laude is a Filipina

NYU Summa cum Laude Janelle Micaella Panganiban

A member of the Gaddang Indigenous tribe of Isabela graduated summa cum laude from New York University.’

Janelle Micaella Panganiban was conferred summa cum laude honors by the prestigious university which is among the largest private universities in the U.S.

Panganiban graduated with three majors in Global Public Health, Public Policy, and Sociology as she blazed a trail for other Filipinas I international academe.

“As a Filipino, I feel like I have the obligation to bring all of these back to the Philippines and at the same time, as a descendant of the Gaddangs, I find myself impassioned for indigenous resurgence as a step to combat the long and embedded history of colonization,” Panganiban said.

Panganiban also garnered the Alexander Shluger award and the Founder’s Day award for excellence in Sociology. The Northern Star Award from the Philippine Consulate General will also be received b Panganiban together with PGRAD 2018 medal and a citation from New York Assemblyman Brian Barnwell at the Philippine Center Kalayaan Hall in New York City this coming June 9, 2018.

“Learn how to engage and really just be critical with everything. The professors encourage that here and I think that’s what I appreciate because it doesn’t seem like they’re doing it to make me feel like I’m wrong but for me to really grow,” Panganiban added.

Janelle is the daughter of ANAC-IP Partylist Representative Jose Pnganiban Jr.

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