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PH Students in Imagine Cup Competition Finals

Team Onyx during their presentation at the Imagine Cup Finals. (Photo from Philstar)

A team of students developed a mobile app for health uses that enables early detection of diseases reached the finals of the Imagine Cup held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The competition was held under the auspices of tech giant Microsoft. Team Onyx was composed of Romie Rey Santiago, Daniel Soriano, and Kyle Fretzie Regino. 

The Computer Engineering students from the Technological Institute of the Philippine – Quezon City came up with Bionix, an app that scans the fingernails of the user sends detailed images to Microsoft Cognitive Services which is then analyzed by a feature called Custom Vision. This determines types of diseases that may be present by comparing it to existing health data sets.

According to Daniel Soriano, early stages and signs of diseases can already be observed through fingernails. That is where the app comes in since a detailed image can be analyzed via the existing data sets.

Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Custom Vision can then help in determining diseases already existing and early diagnosis and treatment can then be applied if needed.

By using the app, the users can then send the results to a doctor and also Custom Vision has a list of medical specialists that can be consulted.

A member of the team disclosed that the inspiration came from initial efforts in using eye scans to determine if diseases are already present.   

One of the judges was impressed by the app wherein such a simple method of determining the onset of diseases was developed and created by a group of students with limited resources. The team was widely applauded in the competition.

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