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Centsilyo: No more loose change

Team E-Pursuers with other Finalists and Judges of the 4th Philippine Startup Challenge (PSC4)

An app developed by students of the University of Southeastern Philippines makes shortchanging a thing of the past. The app called Centsilyo is a mobile wallet app that makes paying for items and collecting the right amount of change from a sale an exact transaction. That means there will be exact change down to the last cent.

 “Our startup idea was actually inspired by the No Shortchanging Act of 2016 (RA 10909),” shared  Mariah Nicole Perez de Tagle, who tapped her classmates Daniella Javilles and Annie Marisse Insong to develop their innovative app.

Their team known as the E-Pursuers took the name from the Bisaya word “Sensilyo” meaning “Loose Change.” This aims to enforce the law wherein businesses are prohibited from giving insufficient change for their transactions with their customers.

E-Pursuers won the 4th Philippine Startup Challenge (PSC4) by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in its National Finals last April 2018. The team is also the recipient of the Huawei Philippines Special award that earned them a spot in the Seeds for the Future Program this coming October 2018 which is a two-week immersion program in startup hubs in Shenzhen and Beijing China.

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