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Filipino Students Invent the Balik Buhay Box

St. Jude Catholic School students that invented the BBox

The youth are acknowledging that the Philippines is very vulnerable to disasters and Climate Change. It is already part of their daily experiences, particularly students who go to school despite the elements.

They are also part of the communities where they live and interact with, and that is why they realized the necessity of having a community-based disaster information an alert system.

Students from St. Jude Catholic School brought practicality and utility with their invention. It is called the Balik Buhay Box (BBox). It is a rubber cube with buttons that pertain to a particular emergency or disaster. There is a button for fire, flood, and earthquake.
The BBox is also waterproof

Upon pushing the appropriate button, the alert message will be transmitted to the barangay hall where the first responders will be located. From thereon the barangay responders will learn about the location and nature of the emergency. 

The BBox is covered with rubber and can resist water and even floats on water.

Further development is needed according to the students who are just in Senior High School and hope that the appropriate government agencies and private institutions help in the BBox development.

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