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Science Explorer Bus arrives in Iloilo

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) with its Science Education Institute (SEI) fielded its Science Explorer Bus to Iloilo. This mobile science learning facility enables students to have a fun learning experience even though their schools are under-equipped or have no science laboratories.

Features such as interactive learning equipment and collections of learning modules that are geared towards the promotion of hands-on learning of complex science and mathematical concepts are included in the Explorer Bus.

The DOST brought the Explorer Bus to Iloilo and the Science Explorer Bus was able to facilitate the learning of  570 pupils and students from Lapayon Elementary School and Lapayon National High School in Leganes, Iloilo on its first stop last February 26, 2018.

Additional schools in Iloilo that are scheduled for the Science Explorer Bus are the following:

1. Bayag Elementary School and Bayag National High School in Leon, Iloilo;

2. Badiangan Elementary School and Badiangan National High School in Badiangan, Iloilo;

3. Dueňas Central Elementary School and Dueňas General Comprehensive High School in Dueňas, Iloilo; and

4. New Lucena Central Elementary School and New Lucena High School in New Lucena, Iloilo.

The DOST acknowledges that access to science teaching aids is not enough in many schools in the country. This has an effect on student learning in these areas. Thus, DOST brings its Science Explorer Bus to these areas where it can provide laboratory facilities, audio-visual equipment, interactive exhibits and learning materials that are not usually available to students in said areas.

The ultimate aim of the program is to inspire and encourage more students to become professionals in science by having exposure to such scientific equipment and even interaction with scientists.

On its Iloilo leg, the Science Explorer Bus tackled several topics such as Weather Science, Forest Biodiversity, River Geology, Water Rocketry and Marine Science.

The Science Explorer Bus was launched in 2010 and has served 22,802 students all over the Philippines.

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