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Kumu. The Filipino Super App

Rodel Tirante of Team Kumu and Katrina Bayog, Head of Partnerships of Kumu

We have apps when we want food delivered. We have apps when we need transport. Also, we have apps when we want to communicate via text messaging and even voice calls. Surely these apps have revolutionized our behaviors and thinking when we need services. All of these are at our fingertips and held in the palm of our hands.

Introducing Kumu. The first app that incorporates all of these needs and wants. Instead of cluttering up our smartphones and devices, one would need only Kumu that incorporates all of the above-mentioned apps. It is a Super App.

What makes it surprising is that it is a Filipino developed app.

According to Katrina Bayog Head of Partnerships of the Kumu Team, it has been in Asia that these needs have been wholly identified and incorporating them into 1 Super App is the logical conclusion. In serving the unique needs of the Filipino, Kumu aims to “Take Back the Internet,” for the Filipinos.

Team Kumu is composed of Filipinos who are I their 20s and 30s and can be considered as a team of Global citizens since they are based in the country and internationally. They saw the opportunities open in the Philippines for such a Super App.

According to Ms. Bayog, Data testing started in February 2018 and the Grand Launch will be on June 2018. 

It is something to look forward to in Filipino talent, creativity and tech innovation.

Aside from the services mentioned above, the Filipino Super App also offers live streaming for artists and musicians, it has a Kumu Wallet for financial services together with remittance services both domestic and international. Also, it includes mobile games.

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