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Giving Cheer to Filipino Soldiers with Pipol Konek

Soldiers at the Heroes Ward of V. Luna Hospital. Pipol Konek by DICT gave them cheer. 

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) gave a Christmas gift to the Filipino Soldiers who were wounded during the fighting in Marawi last December 2017.

Through Pipol Konek, the soldiers were able to contact and communicate with their families during the Christmas season.

Being wounded and needing recuperation and rehabilitation in V. Luna Hospital, the soldiers were able to have video chats with their loved ones who were located in other parts of the country.

This was the next best thing for these soldiers who fought hard and were wounded during the fighting. 

“Halos five months na kami dito, kaso di na rin kayang makauwi kasi kailangan pa magpagaling at maikli lang rin ang break,” shared Cpl. Soriano, 32, a native of Samar. He was sent to Manila after being wounded at the hip July, 2017.

Aside from communicating with their families, the service was also used by the soldiers for video and music streaming that provided them with entertainment. 

Pipol Konek was installed by the DICT at the V. Luna Hospital where other soldiers were able to communicate with their families. 

Pipol Konek provides free wifi access in public places and is a project of DICT. 

The V. Luna Hospital is one of the 403 hospital and health centers where the free wifi service is provided and is among the 1,035 sites of where Pipol Konek can give internet service to Filipinos. 

Pipol Konek offers free wifi access that the public can tap into for education, employment, and even entrepreneurship.

The DICT’s aim is to further enhance inclusive growth, social connectedness, better governance and delivery of government services and to further empower the Filipino by the use of technology.

This is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and will be available and to more than 1,600 local government units and municipalities nationwide.

The DICT envisions that Pipol Konek will be accessed in more than 100,000 public places all over the country. 

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