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Star Trek Technology for Today’s Vehicles

In Star Trek Next Generation, there is an android named Lt. Commander Data. This android answers all queries and is even capable of making decisions. Although we have not yet attained that level of technology, the time for that is getting near.

Today we use Waze to find ourselves around and to search for the optimal route to take complete with instructions.

The next level is just around the corner with the new Intelligent Personal Agent being developed by Korean car-maker Hyundai.

Hyundai is partnering with SoundHound, Inc. to develop the Intelligent Personal Assistant that is a voiced – enabled virtual assistant system. The next level is not only to give instructions on where to turn or advise on traffic but to provide the driver with real-time data but also to perform as a virtual assistant.

The voice recognition and enabled technology will not need touch screens, dials, and buttons but only the voice of the driver. This will give the driver the ability to provide reminders of appointments, meetings, road and traffic conditions and estimate departure and arrival times and make real-time adjustments in terms of departure times with traffic conditions factored in.

Also, it can send text messages, make phone calls, give weather updates and of course play music.

Hyundai will unveil its Intelligent  Personal   Agent in Las Vegas, January 2018.

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