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Grant for Tarlac State University Team to Develop Solar Tricycle

Concept Solar Powered Tricycle

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) shall convey a grant to a team from a university based in Central Luzon to develop a solar powered engine system that can be converted into a tricycle.

The Tarlac State University team that designed and developed an affordable multi-voltage solar power system for ordinary homes is the recipient of the grant. This aims to find a viable, renewable energy powered transport that will replace the archetypal tricycle that is a source of air and noise pollution.

According to the DOST Region 3 director, Julius Caesar Sicat, the research and development grant will amount to Php600,000.00. This will be utilized to acquire three gold carts whose engines will be solar powered and then be converted to tricycles.

The target of the designed and developed solar-powered tricycles will be the government center of San Fernando, Pampanga. The three golf carts will be the starting point of the design and development process.

It is envisioned as a “people mover” that is an environmentally friendly as compared to the current 4 cycle engined tricycles being used.

The Tarlac State University Team has earned praises for designing and developing solar-powered electric systems that can be used in ordinary homes. This has spurred further interest and development of solar powered energy systems.

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