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Computer Memory Capacity for Smartphones On the Way

The new 512 GB eUFS chip.

Smartphone usage in the country has been on the rise since 5 years ago. In a symposium, a question was asked if the attendants would rather lose their smartphones or not watch TV. The result was that a majority questioned would rather have their smartphones.

The next level is to surpass the capacity of the 256-gigabyte chips being conventionally used in smartphones. A 512-gigabyte capacity would put smartphones on par with most PCs and laptops being used. This would enable better and more convenient data handling and functions, notwithstanding apps that can be run in smartphones that is now only available in PCs and laptops. 

Samsung has developed the flash storage chip that has a 512-gigabyte storage capacity which is called the Universal Flag Storage (eUFS) that utilizes a 64 – layer 512 – gigabit V-NAND chip.

The potential of this new chip is that storage of 130 10-minute long 4K HD resolution videos can be stored on a smartphone or mobile device. This will meet the demand for more storage and smartphones and mobile devices. Samsung stated that their 256-gigabyte V-NAND chips will also be continued in production to meet the said demand by the market for such capabilities.

This spells new development in apps that can be utilized with the increased storage capacity by the new eUFS chips. 

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