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Space Festivities in Cebu

Last October, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) brought Space Week to Cebu.

This comes on the heels of one of the presentations last July in TechTonics, the Tech Festival held in Manila where the future of Space Technology was presented to Filipino Tech Entrepreneurs.

Space Week aims to gather students and educators about space science, technology, and benefits it brings to the world.

Space Science also brings awareness to the Philippines’ first microsatellite Diwata – 1 that was deployed last 2016 and has been performing above expectations with its multi-role capabilities that is useful from agriculture to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM).

As what was discussed in the panel discussions of TechTonic, Space Science offers opportunities to Filipinos in terms of creation of new apps and opportunities in engaging in space technology.

This is the first time that Space Week was held outside of Luzon. The theme for this year’s World Space Week was  "Exploring New Worlds in Space."

SEI Director, Dr. Joseete Biyo stated that “This is to ensure that we touch on critical audiences as so far, the WSW has primarily reached Metro Manila and Luzon provinces like Dagupan and Palawan. This is the first in the Visayas and we hope to reach more areas for us to really urge students that there are opportunities in space science.

  “As we move forward with our plans for the establishment of our own space agency, starting with the launch of our microsatellite, Diwata-1, we hope that this celebration makes our people appreciate more the value of space science and technology applications,” Biyo disclosed.

The second Philippine microsatellite Diwata – 2 is scheduled for deployment in 2018. Diwata – 2 comes with enhanced capabilities than Diwata – 1.

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