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Cyber Security Solutions

At the recently held “Brief Guide to Data Privacy” wherein the Data Privacy Act of 2012 was discussed to various industry representatives that regularly transact their business with the collection of data from its customers and clients, the most common reasons for data security breaches were discussed. 

Aside from governmental; regulatory controls and protections for both citizens and businesses were discussed, solutions were also offered.

Microsoft Philippines presented its Cyber Security solution. Citing that current security protocols and processes were left wanting in institutions, Microsoft offered a view wherein data privacy and security can be optimized.

Recognizing that data breaches can come from various vectors ranging from indiscriminate attempts all the way to lone data breach attackers, the usual firewalls are no longer enough to protect data. 

But there must be a balance struck between the legitimate use of data and securing data. Data that cannot be used is useless. 

Digital transformation is thereby required. These are the following:

1. Protect Customer Data
2. Secure Intelligent Processes
3. Protect People and Data
4. Protect the Product IP

In so doing, business processes will not be hampered by too much security protocols and at the same time, information and data security if maintained.

In protecting data, the following must be considered:

1. Identity is the New Perimeter
2. Data Breach must always be assumed
3. Shadow IT (The use of non-approved software by employees)

The formula for such is:

1. Protect
2. Detect
3. Respond

Systems in enterprises must include these in their overall Information System protocols and these must be applied, updated and re-evaluated periodically.

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