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CEMPIA's HealthTech: Answer of Analytics

Anupam Chaterjee: Founder and CEO of The Decision Labs

It has been the bane of healthcare operations that patient information and feedback be given the importance that it deserves. 

The last HealthTech challenge results point into that direction. The Decision Labs won the recently held HealthTech Pitching competition at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) organized by the Embassy of Switzerland and the AIM.

Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions (CEMPIA) led the field in Health Technology innovations in the recently concluded activity.

CEMPIA presented a solution wherein patients’ feedback can be a critical part in the healthcare operations of hospitals and and health institutions. Operational analysis, Staff appreciation and providing insights for patient/customer intelligence were incorporated in the solution.

The benefits for patient/customer care by CEMPIA are as follows:

1. Real Time Personalized Customer Care
2. Strategic Insights for Decision Making
3. Operations and Quality Management
4. Enhanced Revenue for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
5. Inter Hospital Comparison
6. Quality Control

CEMPIA enables the patients to provide timely information about their healthcare needs and hospital and healthcare institutions, via the availability of information provided by CEMPIA will be able to address the needs and future needs of patients via the platform.

This will result in greater patient/customer satisfaction and more efficient and streamlined operations of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

This is accomplished by the Analytics in CEMPIA that will provide the needed data and information to managers in these institutions in performing and planning for what is needed in order to provide timely, and accurate management decisions that will redound to the benefit of the patients and healthcare institution management.

CEMPIA won first place in the HealthTech Challenege organized by the AIM and the Emabassy of Switzerland in commemoration of its 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines.

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