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Need Blood? Blood Hero to the Rescue!

THe heroes of Blood Hero. Photo from Blood Hero FB Page

The demand for blood required for medical operations and procedures continue to be of critical importance in the country’s public healthcare. The procedure for acquiring blood is still cumbersome and requires a more efficient, faster and safer way of obtaining this precious life-saving resource.

A Filipino startup came up with a tech-based solution that will save countless lives in the future. Blood Hero is an app that not only provides a network between those that require blood and the potential donors but also gives rewards to the donors since it is a commendable social act.

The wide use of smartphones and tablets make this a viable solution for the need for blood. Daily, hospitals all over the country need blood and the compatible donors may not come from the patient’s social circle.

Blood Hero creates a network to attract and retain blood donors through a rewards system that are also featured in the mobile app. This stabilizes a platform for interaction between blood donors and blood centers located in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Also, Blood Hero advocates a healthy lifestyle and gives information on how to maintain wellness via its posts along with downloadable donor forms that can be uploaded to the blood database of the app.

The critical importance of the app can never be overstated and a Filipino startup is venturing into an endeavor that will have an impact in the healthcare of the Filipino.

Blood Hero is a finalist at the HealthTech Challenge.

The website is at

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