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Ground Gurus: Next Level Training

Graduating from school is only the first step. Technical proficiency has always been the bane of the Philippine educational system. According to statistics, 50% of Information Technology (IT) graduates have no programming skills and that is very alarming.

In this time of fast changing dynamics in technology and the demand for technically proficient professionals, there is an alarming gap between “certifications” and technical proficiency.

Ground Gurus is a startup in itself but is aiming to shrink the technical proficiency gap in the country. This is done by a platform that connects subject matter experts to learners.

Ground Gurus focuses on the technical training aspect of IT and Computer Science graduates and students.  It is widely known that there are many online tutorials but Ground Gurus have taken that one step further by providing face-to-face training, seminars, and developmental activities that will enhance technical proficiency in the IT field.
Ground Gurus Training Session

Ground Gurus conducts training and seminars every month on various subject matters that pertain to IT and technology related fields. This is given a practical approach as from those who work in the above-mentioned field themselves.
Ground Gurus Training Participants

This is evidenced by their partnerships with industry performers such as: 

1. Zej Games is a Startup Company that develops Android Games. Their vision is to become one of the mainstream android games developer/publisher in the industry. They have a mission to create new effective games for the enjoyment of all the gamers/players.

2. WebMObilePH where the student can learn Learn Web, Mobile and Realtime Apps from other developers. WEB + Mobile + Realtime Database From nothing to a real-time chat app complete with signup, login, token based authentication, authorization, with a RESTful API and a working Web and Mobile Apps. 1. Building a Client App (Web and Mobile) 2. Services-Controller-View 3. Setting up Your Backend Environment 4. Scaffolding and Services 5. User Management 6. Using Hooks and Manipulating Data.

3.  is a website that offers job postings for free for all legitimate employers within the Philippines. While most of the popular job sites are expensive or have costs, Jobchambers offers posting absolutely for free. Since we have job postings, we also offer job hiring or job openings. We also have event listings and creations.

Ground Gurus also aims to help other startups in their technical development.

Ground Gurus participated in the recently held You Way 2 Silicon Valley Pitching Tournament organized by BeFast.TV which is a Silicon Valley based media organization.

The website of Ground Gurus is at

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