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Veer Immersive Technologies Win PH Leg of Your Way 2 Silicon Valley

The Winner! Veer Immersion Technologies

It went down the wire in the Philippine Leg of Your Way 2 Silicon Valley last August 29, 2017. 

And after the dust of the pitching tournament composed of 16 competitive startups, it was Veer Immersive Technologies that came out on top of the field.

Your Way 2 Silicon Valley disrupted the startup pitching tournament by the way of its format. This was explained by Athina Papadopoulou of BeFast.TV, the global video startup new media production house that organized Your Way 2 Silicon Valley pitching tournament. The format was the same as a TV Reality Show.

Instead of the regular 5 minute presentation for each startup, this tournament gave new challenges to the competing startup teams. The format was for four rounds and each team was given only 1 minute to make their pitch for every round that tackled four factors that were deemed critical to every startup.
Your Way 2 Silicon Valley Panel of Judges
Every startup team was pitted against an opposing startup and each round was a knockout round. Judging was done after every pitch of 2 startups. The winner steps to the next round.

In the first round, the topic was “Who are you and what makes you different?” Each pitch was met by resounding applause from the audience, themselves composed of representatives from the Philippine startup sector.  The first round only had 8 “survivors that were decided by a panel of 5 judges representing government, startup Finishers, and sponsors of the event.

The 2nd round had only 4 teams surviving while the third round had 2 survivors. The judges in the third round 

The Final round was between Veer Immersive Technologies and Still Fresh Food.     

Both startups were neck to neck during the judging and the final judging was done outside the room.

The winner was announced by BeFast.TV Operations Manager Gemma Kwook and after the envelope was opened it was Veer Immersive Technologies that emerged as the winner.

Veer Immersive Technologies are composed of ICT professionals that provide Virtual Reality training for airlines. They are already engaged with several airlines and are poised to further scale up their services and operations.

Veer Immersive Technologies will compete with the winners of Your Way 2 Silicon Valley from Singapore, Djakarta and Hongkong. 

The winners of each leg will then compete in a pitching competition to be held in Singapore on January 2018. The regional finals will include accommodations, airfare, mentoring and coaching before the final pitching tournament.

The winner will then be sent to Silicon Valley where they will undergo further training and coaching. Also, they will be introduced to incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists.

Techblade congratulates all the participants and winners of Your Way 2 Silicon Valley.   
On Our Way 2 Silicon Valley!

The participants were the following:

1. Bloggapalooza
2. Orbitrr
3. Dibz
4. Groundworks
5. Exora
6. Veer Immersive Technologies
7. Jazzy Pay
8. Still Fresh
9. Quickwire
10. Leverage
11. Product IO
12. Resto Gap
13. Job Pyramid
14. Fetch Everyday
15. Uproots 
16. Urban Greens

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