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Parking Problems? Dibz to the Rescue!

Dibz Founders Donald Saurombe and Livias Shoko

It is a given that traffic is a big problem in urban centers in the country. Another one is parking. How many meetings have been canceled or postponed because of difficulties in finding parking space at the venue of the meeting? How many man hours lost and business opportunities missed and not to mention the frustration that brings emotional stress with it.

Dibz is an app that will form part of the solution and is now the only available solution to the parking problem many encounters daily. A startup conceptualized last February 2016 by Dibz Founders Donald Saurombe and Livias Shoko aimed to solve these problems came into being.

Dibz will make parking and find parking space available to all those who need it. It functions as a form of “booking application” that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet and has Android and IOS versions.

Dibz is activated and the user indicates the destination. Dibz will automatically find a parking slot for the user. Upon reaching the destination an attendant will be available to point out where the available parking slot is upon scanning the barcode sent by Dibz on the smartphone of the customer/user.

When the customer/user is about to leave the premises, Dibz is again activated and the attendant will bring the car to the customer/user.

The customer/user pays for the service by loading credits into their Dibz account and each utilization debits an amount in the Dibz system. Dibz can be loaded using credit cards, Paypal, Dragonpay, Pay Maya and G-Cash. Dibz charges at an hourly basis.

Dibz started development last April 2016 and by November 2016, it was ready for use by customers/users. 

The initial coverage area for Dibz was Makati and the Ortigas Business District. Bonifacio Global City has recently been added to the Dibz service are coverage and Pasay City and Quezon City will soon be covered by its service.

The Founders of Dibz realized necessity was truly the mother of invention and sought out a solution to the problem having spent many years in the Philippines. There are also similar applications now being used in the US, UK, France and other areas in Europe. This is the first in the Philippines.

Dibz can be downloaded here for free. Initial download will give free Php100.00 credit to the account:

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