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National Science and Technology Week and The National Seedcorn

Students at the 2017 National Science and Technology Week

At the National Science and Technology Week 2017, I found out what these children were thinking about as the place was literally overrun by students from so many schools.

Their interest in Science and Technology astounded me and I compared myself to them when I was at their age. They took to S & T like fish to water. It did not really matter if they came from Tier 1 schools or Public Schools.

I talked about how as a 3-year-old then, I watched on TV the moon shot and the first men walking on the moon. That when I was asked then what the astronauts would find on the moon, I answered: "girls wearing bikinis!" They laughed. I also told them that even way back then I was also interested in Science and Technology.

During my conversations, I realized that the future is in good hands. They are after solutions and I asked them where they got their ideas about the problems of this country. Most said it was from the news but there was also a considerable number who cited personal experience.

One student was really motivated to find a cure for cancer because his Lola who took care of him since birth succumbed to the disease. Another said that she wanted to find a rice variety that will yield 100 cavans of rice with each grain planted. She said they went hungry so many times that she could not remember the number of times they did not have enough food.

Their eyes told it all, the motivation, the hunger for knowledge and their professed faith for solutions. They asked me "Tatay (that's how I am perceived by now), how come they have not yet invented or discovered the solutions to that are now our problems?" I was ashamed because I could not give an answer.

We should have learned by now. The guides, manuals, and books for the solutions should have been written by now.

Maybe it is not too late to come up with the solutions but as for me, I find it our generation's duty to ensure an environment where their ideas and dreams can come true, that they deserve a fighting chance. Nobody there told me that they wanted to be rich. Nobody wanted to be a boxer, singer, beauty queen or an actor or actress. As young as they are, they know. They really know.

Well, I guess we hold the line as best as we can until they flourish and bloom.

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