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More Fun in PH with KulTOURa App!

Experiencing the Philippines just got easier for tourists. This is because the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has introduced a mobile app that is designed to help tourists in the travels in the country.

The app called KulTOURa provides the tourists with information with regards to popular attractions, famous landmarks, historical places, heritage sites and nature parks.

Also, the app points to details on culture, food specialties, historical figures and must see destinations in selected cities.

The app was launched last June 19, 2017, both the DOT and NCCA in cooperation with Smart Communications and InnoPub.

“The KulTOURa app was created to help the tourists and students to learn more about the culture and traditions of the Philippines. This will help foreign visitors interested in the rich history and beautiful places of our country,” as stated by NCCA President Virgilio Almario.

The public affairs head of Smart Communications, Mon Isberto added “We want to help the travelers to enjoy and experience the rich culture and traditions of the Philippines. Innovations such as  the KulTOURa app is part of Smart's way of giving a different experience for local and international travelers.”

It was described as the most comprehensive guide for those traveling in the Philippines since information is sourced from the NCCA and that is an authoritative guide on places and culture.

The wide use of smartphones and mobile devices has made the app a helpful tool not only for tourism but for students who need to know the culture, history and natural beauty of the country.

KulTOURa is available and free on both Android and iOS. 

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