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Earthquake in PH Startup Landscape: Techtonic 2017

The 1st Manila Tech Convention was held in MOA-SMX last July 29 – 30, 2017. Techtonic 2017 was a rousing success for all stakeholders in the Philippine Startup Ecosystem and has made its mark in Philippine industry.

Techtonic was the biggest technology innovation event the country has ever seen and the wide variety of startup technology participants serves proof that there is indeed an active and vibrant startup sector in the Philippines.

SMX Hall 2 served as Ground Zero for the technology convention with 210 participating startups and more than 4,000 registered attendees from July 29, -30, 2017.

The startups ranged from transportation innovations, data analysis, jobs generation applications, food quality monitoring, delivery apps, health apps, content creation, consumer convenience and even agriculture applications.

Of course there were the learning opportunities presented during the panel discussions participated in by local and foreign industry leaders and experts. Topics ranged from startup birth pains, bootstrapping all the way to fundraising and emerging trends for startups.

The keynote address by Sen. Bam Aquino kicked off the convention wherein attendees and participants discovered the diverse startup landscape in the country to be filled in by learning about the needs of stratups from the panel discussions.

The one other important activity was the linking and networking between the stakeholders such as startup founders, funders, industry experts, government and even those in the academe.

The interaction between them gave impetus to a wider and more far ranging confidence in the Philippine startup sector.

Already, the next Techtonic is being scheduled for August next year 2018.

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