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Vanquish: The 1st Mindanao Wide Sumo Robot Tournament

SUMO ROBOTICS- Fabrication Laboratory, better known as FAB LAB Mindanao, presents a science program intended for introduction, cyber training and robotics fabrication; known as VANQUISH. The event is scheduled to set in Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology this coming May 2017. This is an interschool event open to all schools in Mindanao from high school to masteral levels. This project aims to successfully create and battle the robot models in a tournament finale.

The event is composed of a three day workshop, inclusive of Interface, Controls Coding, Fabrication and Designs Training. The FAB LAB also provides their equipment for the Sumo Bot fabrication period. Participants can fabricate in any way possible; and choose their own materials. The champion will be awarded with Php15,000.00 prize money. Only 16 slots for participating teams were made available for this event.

On the afternoon of March 15, 2017 the grand launch of Vanquish officially started; with their partners: Department of Information and Communications Technology and Maker Mindanao. Guests and visitors attended the opening that included the children of Timothy Christian Academy, enthusiasts and college students. The event included prototypes of Sumo Bot and an exhibition game of these models. Event related accessories were also provided, such as the Sumo Bot ring sample and official Rules and Guidelines for the tournament. A total of 8 registered as reserved participants in the event.

Vanquish welcomes participants, enthusiasts, families and friends of those interested. 

Feel free to visit us in the red lab FAB LAB Mindanao in Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology. 

For inquiries and clarification contact us as or

By : Czarina Grace B. Del Valle

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