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The Children of Technology

Children being technologically adept is no longer surprising. In our neighborhood, children started to use laptops and smartphones as early as 5 years old. Even my own niece learned how to use an iPad even before she was linguistically fluent. 

What is of note is that no one among them told me that they had any training for the use of the gadgets. They just used the powers of observation.

TechBlade has already featured children who did code as early as 10 years old. The affinity to technology can be attributed to early exposure to technology products, tools and equipment.

The powers of observation, the environment of nothing to unlearn and the natural curiosity of children are the perfect breeding ground for tech savvy children. 

Like in my neighborhood, children as young as those mentioned above are taking to coding like fish to water. David Baek, the Korean general manager of Center for Creative Technology said  “In [South] Korea, everything is now connected to the Internet. Even opening a car is now done via smartphone. Homes are controlled by smartphones,”. This was at the five day conference of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO).

 With children the quickest to assimilate any form of language, coding or programming will easily learned. 

The fast-paced lifestyle today, the internet and transactions being done via Wi-Fi connections is the impetus for the young citizens to be part of the world and thrive in it. Baek said that programming or coding will be at the center of it all and it would be the best way to prepare the children for their future. 

TechBlade has also featured a robot that is able to be programmed by tiles that the children can manipulate so as to give the skills for future programming work. 

It is forecasted many jobs will no longer be used in the next 25 years. Robots will be used from accounting to air traffic control. That is the reason why today’s children be proficient in coding or programming. Smart factories to smart farms will be the wave of the future and coding will be the language to make them run.

Baek said one company that adopted high technology but retained its employees by training them for new skills such as use of sofware programs and machine maintenance.

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