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Startup Weekend Manila Day 3: Process Driven

Startup Weekend Manila DLSU: Awaiting final pitches on Day 3

On the third day of the Startup Weekend Manila held at the De L Salle University Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, the 14 teams have each managed to develop with a startup product or service. 

The teams came only into being last February 17, 2017 in the initial convening of the Startup Weekend Manila. Pitches were made and 14 pitches were escalated to the next level.  

The “Founder/s” whose pitches were chosen drafted members of the entire participant’s pool to form their own teams. The teams underwent a series of activities for capacity building and team cohesion. Having realized that they have to work together to attain an objective, these activities primed the teams to identify roles and duties.

Having undergone coaching and mentoring on Day 2, the participants started to crystallize their ideas but have yet to finalize a startup service or product. Utilizing the mentoring and coaching lessons that were given, they followed the needed steps. This started with having an idea, building the idea, testing and measuring the idea and learning from the lessons derived from each prototype.

The startups needed not only coding expertise but also design, marketing and even having financial models to prove the viability and sustainability of their startup. It was providential that many of the participants where non-technical students and professionals since their skills were also of critical value to the team enterprise.

The teams worked almost overnight in undergoing the above-mentioned process to come up with polished and finalized startup products and services. It was told by 1 team that even sub-processes like survey methodology were also subject to validation 50 times!

By the early morning of February 19, 2017, the startup teams commenced to validate and test again and again their final products and processes. Tweaking continued all morning and supported by coaches and mentors from industry related sectors.

By 5:00 pm. The same day, the final presentations/pitches will be made and the winners will be announced.

In fact, all of the teams are winners since the most important lesson for the Startup Manila Weekend DLSU was to have a structure, logical and process driven development for a startup.

Congratulations to the organizers and the participants. 

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